Mr.Fruit’s Second Wedding Plus Rare Details On His Wife Revealed

Mr. Fruit, whose real name is Christian Miller, is a familiar persona in the gaming community. Since gaining popularity through YouTube by streaming a wide range of games such as Call Of Duty & Halo, he reigns today as a successful content creator as well.

Christian’s quirky, humorous voice throughout a diverse set of videos also remains a signature part of his online personality. Having gained notoriety through his gaming channel that has amassed more than 2 million subscribers since initiating it in 2014, Mr.Fruit’s personal life is often overlooked though.

So, let’s dive deeper into his relationship status, wife’s details, and interesting shenanigans from his first love affair with girlfriends.

Mr.Fruits Not So Private First Kiss 

Our first kiss is always memorable, be it something unpleasant or a scenario we longed for. Mr.Fruit’s first kiss was quite funny for it happened during a very vulnerable part of his life: high school.

The streamer was invited to watch a movie in the theatre by his girlfriend alongside her friends. He was in 8th grade at that time and interestingly, he had to share a seat with GF whereas her friends were lined up to see the movie in the same row.

During the middle of watching the movie, his partner was closely sitting on his lap whereas Mr.Fruit was clueless and nervous with a sweaty hand waiting for a signal.

High school picture of Christian Miller AKA Mr.Fruit (Source:

Thankfully, the moment of his first kiss got close after Fruit’s partner texted him making her intention to kiss clear. As obvious, the gamer was totally into it and proceeded to kiss his girl, with her friends giggling around watching the moment unfold. Reminiscing he shared through a video talking about the moment,

The girl texted me while on my lap in movie theatre to kiss her!

Thus, Mr.Fruit’s first kiss happened among a whole row of middle school girls, watching and giggling at the couple. At least, he can brag on how his girl was the one interested to kiss him first.

Meeting His Next Girlfriend/Future Wife

Lucky are the ones who find the love of their life in the early stage of their life, as you know, Mr.Fruit. We’re all aware the Twitch streamer dropped out of college, but even if he didn’t end up graduating, one takeaway from the institution was a partner he eventually married.

Yes, he met his future wife Claire Miller during the freshman year of his college. Mr.Fruit was assigned the task to coach the intramural girl’s football team where Claire happened to be among the members.

However, the YouTuber dated Claire’s friend first, and only after breaking up with her did he propose his love for Claire. All of this happened in 2014, the year they started dating.

Fruit continued dating Claire after dropping out while she eventually graduated with a course in Forensic Psychology from DU.

Mr.Fruit at his partners graduation day
Mr.Fruit at his partner’s graduation day (Source:

On the other hand, Mr.Fruit had talked about moving back to college in 2015, he didn’t end up finishing college though. Still today, he jokingly tweets that in some other timeline, he might have finished college and possibly owned SpaceX.

Engagement With Shy Wife

While Mr.Fruit and Claire were dating, it was very much rare to spot the two together in any of the videos uploaded by the streamer. In fact, Claire made a rare appearance in one of his videos uploaded in April 2016  which featured only the sound of her giggle and thumb.

This cameo was in response to a question from a fan on whether he had a girlfriend. Mr.Fruit even opened up about Claire being the one who rarely liked attention saying,

She doesn’t like attention so nothing is public really. To put it like, she won’t let me tell the waiter that it’s her birthday for instance she will slap me. The last thing she wants to hear is a whole group of birthday chanting ‘happy birthday” to her.

As the two started dating, the gamer eventually made up his mind that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Claire. Interestingly, the challenging part was to propose to her in the most private way possible since Claire had made it clear she didn’t want anything too public like a proposal in a mall or something. 

Although he had planned the moment for May 2018, it took place in the last week of June that year at a beach in Florida. Mr.Fruit had already taken the blessing of Claire’s dad and bought a ring designed from a shop of his father’s friend the day before the proposal.

A look at his wife’s engagement ring (Source:

Right during the sunset, Mr.Fruit took the moment to engage her while the occasion was being witnessed secretly by his brothers and parents in a bush at the less crowded part of the beach.

Marriage & His Plea For Privacy For Next Wedding

After being just an engaged couple for a few years, Mr.Fruit finally tied the knot with Claire on 8th August 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. He made it obvious to fans about his approaching journey towards married life with a tweet a day before the wedding.

However, the pair had planned to marry initially during the summer of 2019 but was later postponed due to Fruit Summit. Also, due to COVID, the original venue was canceled as well and a small wedding among a few guests (that included Fruits mates Rhabby, Blue) was conducted in their parent’s home.

Interestingly though, Mr.Fruit has planned a well-organized wedding reception for the summer of 2021 in the venue where the wedding was intended to be held. He has already shared the plans for the next year’s reception through his podcast titled GG over EZ Podcast from August 2020.

A shot of Mr.Fruit’s wedding ring ( Source:

Also, the streamer has made it clear that he doesn’t want to share a live stream of the upcoming wedding although many of his fans have requested to. To this he replied,

I gotta have some separation and next year when I do the reception, there’s still not gonna be a live stream. It’s one of the intimate days, so no.

For now, all that’s left is for fans to wait to see if Mr.Fruit plans on bringing some little baby fruits in his life. Fans do want love see him and his wife Claire teaming up to play Among Us, and an extra addition to the team would definitely be welcomed.

After all, back in 2016, during a Q&A the Twitch personalty did share about wanting to have children at some point in the future.

When is Mrs.Fruits birthday?

Claire, wife of Mr.Fruit’s birthday falls on 6th April and she’s a big fan of Pokemon in case you didn’t know.

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