National Pride Project : Upper Tamakoshi Timeline !

Upper Tamakoshi is a project based on “Runoff the River”. Although the project initially aimed to be completed in five years, only after 10 years of foundation, it has started 76 MW 2078 Ashad 21 from one of its 76×6 units. Five other units will also come into production soon. It is said that there are plans to bring another unit into operation every 10 days. Accordingly, all the units will come into operation within Bhadra. At present, the full capacity of this project is one third of the total electricity capacity of Nepal.

Now, even in the rainy season, the current power crisis of having to import electricity from India will be removed and Nepal will move towards self-reliance in electricity. You don’t have to buy from India in the rainy season. At present, Nepal is importing about 400 MW from India. Its total capacity is 456 MW but after only about 4 months of the rainy season it reaches full capacity. In the dry season of winter (Falgun) it can fall up to 92 MW.

Due to some reasons, the construction of this project was delayed due to which the cost increased. Initially, the estimated interest during the construction period increased from Rs. 14 billion to Rs. 32 billion, while the non-interest cost also increased from Rs. 

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The main reasons for project delays include landslides at the project site due to earthquakes, problems with construction materials and fuel supply due to Madhesh movement and blockade, changes in tunnel design and impact of Kovid-19 epidemic. In the meantime, the construction was stopped for some time with various demands from the workers / employees of the project. The cost of the project was calculated in US dollars. The rise in the US dollar during the construction period also helped boost investment.

The project is 30 percent self-capital and 70 percent loan. The project will generate 2.28 billion units of electricity annually. Even though the construction of the project has been delayed due to various reasons, it is estimated that the NEA will earn Rs. 10 billion annually from this project alone and all the loan investors will also benefit from this project.

It is a matter of happiness that Nepalis have completed such a big project with their own investment and it has strengthened everyone’s self-confidence to do other big projects. This project has developed the skills of many Nepalis. There is a lot to learn from the shortcomings of the construction process. Having combined all the experience, now we have to do better in other new projects.

Rivers are flowing from our mountains day and night. We can make this country prosperous by converting that free flowing water into electrical energy! “Nepal’s gold is water

Article Credit: Gyan Bahadur Karki

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