Nepal Telecom started VoLTE Service : How to Activate?

May 17, Kathmandu |On the Special “World Telecommunication & Information Society Day” Nepal Telecom, which launched the VoLTE service from today, will also introduce the WIFI VoI (Voice over Internet) service. The company has started internal tests to get the service up and running in a month. Nepal Telecom users can use Forge-based HD Voice, Video and SMS (VoLTE) services even when the company’s cellular network is weak or there is no network. However, this requires a WIFI connection.

The service can connect to the telecommunications network by connecting Wi-Fi in a large building with a weak cellular network. In addition, the company’s service can also be maintained when traveling abroad with Nepal Telecom Mobile through WIFI. Although there are plans to get the VoLTE service up and running together with VoLTE, Nepal Telecom has stated that it will take a while before further testing is required.

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This service can be used by going to settings like in the new version. VoLTE voice and video calls, as well as messaging services, can be performed by dialing the phone number directly, as is the case with applications such as Viber and WhatsApp.However, for VoLTE and VoIP Wi-Fi services, device manufacturer cell phones associated with the telecommunications system must be activated in their mobile sets.

To this end, there is a dialogue with various brands of mobile device manufacturers through established providers, said Minu Pradhan, Director of the mobile device directorate of Nepal Telecom.

That even normal users can use it. “Although these services have been available in other countries around the world for years, they are new in Nepal. We can activate VoLTE Service in our NTC simcard by following way;

ntc volte

How to activate LTE/VoLTE on my SIM and mobile device?

Dial *444#
Select Activate VoLTE
(This will activate VoLTE in your SIM)

Enable VoLTE setting in your mobile device
(This will activate VoLTE in your mobile device)

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