Netflix’s Hellbound Ending Explains Why The New Truth Will Return More Powerful In Season 2

If Squid Game left you wanting more of some over-the-top amazing Korean series guaranteed to keep you on the edge of the seat, then recently released Koren show Hellbound has you covered. This show has all the elements and deep themes on power, beliefs, religion packed with muscular monsters, cults, and themes on God, fear, that is set in a society very much comparable to ours.

In Hellbound, supernatural beings suddenly show up and predict the death of random people but this is far from the interesting part of the show. The centerpiece and compelling part of Hellbound are how human beings reply and interpret this new phenomenon, some try to profit from this and gain power while the others try their best to stop the world from falling into the wrong hands i.e. The New Truth in this case. It’s a half-baked cult representing some real-life religion that preys on people’s fear of divine power to justify control for their own monetary gain as well.

Interestingly, this awesome show stem from the mind of Yeon Sang-ho, who is the creator of the critically acclaimed Korean zombie flick Train To Busan (2016).. Looking at the pattern of his works, it suffices to say that Sang-ho really loves to dive into the worst things that humans are capable of during some pretty desperate times.

The ending of Hellbound was almost similar to Squid Games since it left us wanting for more and it was a pretty unexpected one. So, before you read further into this article, I strongly advise you to stop and watch the series instead if you haven’t because there’s going to be some heavy spoilers ahead guys.

The Premise Of Hellbound And All The Chaos

Hellbound’s first episode starts off with a normal day in Seoul, Korea where a supernatural and gritty killing of a murderer takes place in broad daylight in hands of three mysterious big demons resembling monsters. He is brutally wounded and burnt with a high dose of hot rays from their glowing hands. But the most important part Is that burnt remains don’t belong to the victims when the DNA sample is taken, it’s something supernatural as well.

These events lead to a wide investigation primarily by detective Jin Kyeong ( played by Yang Ik-joon ) whose eventually comes to realize that the cult named The New Truth is heavily gaining influence from these occurrences. The members and the leader Jeong Jin-soo( Yoo Ah-in ) firmly preaches that the creatures are acting on behalf of God to bring justice into the world by punishing only the sinners.

The victims get a message from a floating figure ( called an angel) that tells them the time they’ll die, meaning the brutal death of black monsters.

Towards the first half, it is revealed that the chairman Jeong too was had made false claims because he in fact received the death premonition from the angel 20 years ago. Since he was unable to find out why he was given the death sentence despite having committed no acts of sin, he made up a reason for the world to help the world find meaning in the mysterious occurrence. In a nutshell, the cult leader wanted the world to believe that the monsters are actually sent by God to punish the wrongdoers while in reality, they kill people at random and the explanation is still a mystery in reality.

After the death of the chairman, New Truth gain huge influence over many aspects of government as well alongside a rogue illegal organization called Arrowhead, which takes brutal steps to harm those who commit acts against New Truth‘s interest.

As we learn, some main characters survive i.e Kim Hyun-joo, some fail for the sake of their family. However, the belief in The New Truth declines after the child who was bound for hell as per angel is tried to be killed by monsters ( despite being innocent).

The ending to the season was pretty fitted after one old man says,

This world belongs to humans, not Gods, and it’s probably better to solve the problems amongst ourselves.

The plot is way too big and deep and my effort to summarize it doesn’t really help. But I’m sure you’ve seen the show by now. What you’ve come for is the ending actually, that shocking moment when THAT woman comes back to life.

Is The Single Mother In Hellbound Still Alive?

Towards the third episode, we see one innocent single mother named Park Jeong-ja ( played by Kim Shin-rok ) given the voice by the angel and destined for hell. From the demonstration, everyone ends up seeing her bashed to death and burnt.

But after the season ends, we see Park come back to life all back from the ashes. Many viewers were shocked with this ending that confirmed Hellbound‘s Season 2 is imminent. Let’s not forget that all the remaining burnt skeletons after the demonstration didn’t actually belong to the victims at all. The chief of investigation when presented with the forensic and DNA reports of the first victim as I stated earlier turned out that the skeleton was of some unexplained origins.

So, what does this mean? Well, this means that the victims of the demonstration or so-called bound for hell are in fact not killed at all. Just like at the end of Avengers Endgame, there is a possibility all of them can be bought back to life and the victims are trapped in another realm or dimension whatever the purpose of this event lies in.

After all, the single mother hadn’t committed any crime and all she wanted was a better life for her kids. In season 2, when she comes back, it’ll be really nice to see her get back together with kids.

However, there is also a bigger mess the mad and notorious The New Truth will bring in the new season of Hellbound when many victims return. They might interpret this as reincarnation and use this to their new church’s advantage.

The New Truth Will Be Back Stronger In Hellbound Season 2

The New Truth hasn’t fallen down yet and just cause one big member of the cult got arrested, that doesn’t mean it’s all over now. We know that the cult grew very fast within the span of 3 years after the chairman’s death. We see statues of the 3 demons across town, the New Truth’s grand headquarters with members hidden in important aspects of Government.

Since belief is a strong thing, there is already a majority of members loyal to The New Truth who will continue to support them despite their shortcomings. Also, the financial stronghold of the cult has been immense since the group’s foundation. After all, the first public televised demonstration was heavily funded by a member of The New Truth.

Now, let’s move on to why The New Truth will get a bigger stronghold and immense power in Season 2 of Hellbound. First, the child of producer Bae Yeong( played by Park Jung-min ) survived despite getting the call from an angel in a very emotional and dramatic way. In fact, the demons killed the Arrowhead influencer right when he was about to kill the baby.

It’s very likely that The New Truth will consider the baby as a form of Messiah and a message sent by God. The believers will really get manipulated by the current chairperson of the cult and this baby will be sought out by both government and New Truth members.

On top of that, due to the return of a single mother named Park, a new revelation will rise. What if she gets corrupted by The New Truth and speaks made-up lies to fit the doctrine of the cult. Since she’s the one who came back from the dead, many are susceptible to believing her words. She might be blackmailed by the cult in the name of her two children.

Whatever the new season brings forward, it’ll be quite a treat to see Hellbound writers giving more interesting dimensions to the show. Also, we still are not sure whether the black creatures and mysterious voices are really from God or some form of alien forms measures for a bigger plan to affect the world events.

Whatever their intentions or origins are, I just hope they are in fact not sent from God, or else it’ll be hard to live in the world with rules set by The New Turth, right?

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