Nikki Tamboli says her journey at Khatron Ke Kheladi is helping her come to terms with the loss of her brother

Actress Nikki Tamboli who is well known for working in movies and programs like Zee Comedy Show and Kanchana 3 recently shared about her journey at the filming of reality show Khatron Ke Kheladi. Sadly, this project by Nikki is a new one after the demise of her beloved brother Jatin Tamboli.

He died back in 2021 from COVID-19 although people confuse that he died from disease instead. Previously Nikki had opened up to The Indian Express about how she was finding it difficult to cope up with the loss of her brother saying,

I haven’t got anybody with whom I can sit and talk. I haven’t even spoken to my mom-dad. I am still in Cape Town, I cannot talk to them. I cannot talk to them about what happened to my brother.  I know if I become weak in front of them, if I cry in front of them, I do not know what they will feel. I am just trying to accept what happened. I am just letting it go and moving ahead.

It was indeed disheartening to hear these words from Nikki and she had already made a contract to join Khatron Ke Kheladi on 6th May 2021, just two days after death of Jatin.

Nikki is currently in the finale of the Rohit Shetty led show and thankfully, Nikki’s journey there seems to have worked like a therapy to her. Now, she is much more in terms with the tragedy that took place in her life and made new friends with whom she was able to share her problems.

Speaking to an Indian outlet she shared about the changes she has been through.

Arjun Bijlani lived in one room, the other one had Aastha (Gill) and there was a door in between. So from breakfast till the time we went to bed, we would all be together. By the end of the day we used to be so tired, but wanted to chill too. So we would chill there, play good music, which really helped us to rejuvenate. It’s a memory for the lifetime. I had not imagined that after my brother’s demise, my life would be easier but my friends made me, and my journey very easy in Cape Town.

The 25-year-old actress keeps in touch with her parents now and there is high chances she might win the finale as well. But Nikki , who appeared in Big Boss 14 did not manage to win. Hopefully, she’ll return India with the winning cup in her hand.

Good luck Nikki!

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