Nissan Introduces First Electric Vehicles from Japan; Nissan Leaf EV

Nepal is in a transition phase when it comes to electric vehicles. And it is the perfect time for automobile companies to deploy their EV plan on the floor when the price of crude fuel is rising higher every day.

Nissan has become one of the first companies to exploit this and introduce the Nissan Leaf EV electric vehicle available in the Nepalese market. Also, it guarantees a safe and sustainable future through the official Pioneer MotoCorp dealer for Nepal.

The Nissan Leaf electric car is emission-free and is Nissan’s new product with an excellent, reliable, and attractive design. It is the first electric vehicle to be imported from Japan to Nepal.

The company aims to change the trend of vehicle use in society and provide consumers with powerful and simple vehicles, the value is set at 59.99 lakhs rupees.

According to Sinan Ozkok, President of Nissan Motor India, Nissan has opened a new chapter in the EV segment. Nissan introduced the second generation of the Nissan Leaf in Nepal. “With Nissan’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility, our customers can enjoy a smart, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and safe experience,” he said. As we remain committed to a sustainable future, we will continue to lead confident and exciting lives for our customers.

Nissan Leaf EV Overview

Speaking of features of the Leaf Electric Vehicle, Sandeep Kumar Sharda, Managing Director of Pioneer MotoCorp Pvt. Based on a suitable technology without pollutants, this vehicle is convenient and comfortable for both driver and passengers.

Its technology makes it even easier, safer, smart, and comfortable for your customers to travel. Under the Nissan Leaf Intelligent Power, it has a 40kWh battery and can cover up to 311 kilometers on a single charge.

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Its maximum kneeling capacity is 140 kilometers per hour. Customers can just charge it at their homes in 15-18 hours from a dedicated socket and 40-60 minutes from the Nissan charging station.

Drivers are very interested in the Nissan Leaf e-pedal under Smart Driving. It helps start, accelerate and break with ease. It is considered easy to drive as the brakes work automatically.

The Nissan Leaf will be available in 11 different color options including 6 monochrome colors and 5 two-tone colors. The Nissan Leaf EV can be charged from vehicle to vehicle and even sent to an electrical house.

The company has stated that the battery in the Nissan Leaf is warranted for up to 8 years or 160,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

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