No Need to Carry Bluebook Anymore, Replaced with Qr Code!

Now you no longer have to carry a blue book with you, the Traffic Management Information System  (TMIS)was implemented on Friday so that service recipients can receive the service by scanning the QR code when they need it. 

Bagmati Pradesh has implemented TMIS, an online system for the recipients of the service to view their data online, pay, insure and renew their income. With this system, the traffic police can also check the payment details of the service recipients online via the mobile application. 

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“We got rid of the hassle of carrying a bluebook,” said Sanjiv Baral, secretary of the Bagmati Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development. He also added that “the traffic police can use the mobile app to check the payment details using the QR code received after the receipts were paid.”

The system has a system where the recipients of the service can see the details of the receipts for themselves and it includes a tax calculator module. This system has the ability to take e-token and go to the office at the specified time.

Watch a Video to know the process of vehicle tax payment. Link to go to TMIS website.

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