No Time To Die Is On VOD But We Advise You Against Renting It Online

James Bond franchise remains among one of the well-known spy genre films based on Ian Fleming’s book first published in 1953. Today, James Bond is almost like Star Wars and more than just a movie experience. Tons of product placement, deals, and luxury brands are associated with this film series, and every item our MI6 agent uses is associated with a big brand be it the customized Omega watch he dons or the Aston Martin DB5 he drifts across the villains.

In fact, there is an official website dedicated to monetizing the heck out of the franchise for all the dedicated fans out there, You can buy toys, Christmas decorating items, and even a 007 bond-themed luxury handbag by Michael Kars collection.

So, you might wonder why the heck are we talking about the merch aspects of the James Bond franchise without giving details on the streaming platform where you can rent No Time To Die (2021).

Yes, this is the last time Daniel Craig will portray this larger thee character, and of course, we will miss seeing the beauty Léa Seydoux as the damsel in distress.

Although the movie ( directed by Cari Joji Fukunaga ) is already in theaters, it has finally been made available to rent/stream at various platforms for a price that’s below average. You can watch it from the comfort of home for a price of $20 which can almost get you two months of HBO Max.

Where To Stream No Time To Die In 4K Quality?

You can view No Time To Die in crisp resolution if you have a 4K screen of course, through Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube, and VUDU for the price of $19.99.

Likewise, in platforms like DirectTV AND Spectrum On Demand, your option is limited to HD for the same price.

Our Verdict: Wait For The Blu-Ray version Of No Time To Die

While it’s nice to know that the film is finally on VOD, the price you are paying to rent seems kind of overkill. So, we recommend you to either watch in theatre to get that luxury and grand experience or wait for the 4K blu ray release expected to be available at the earliest of 2022.

Features of upcoming Bluray copy of No Time To Die ( Source: )

After all, if you rent No Time To Die, you’ll be owning it for 30 days and 48 hours exact. And if you want to want to watch it again, you’ll have to pay. Whereas on the other hand, the 4K version is up for pre-order with a discounted price tag of $26.99.

Moreover, you’ll get access to a digital code when you own the physical copy, and it’s UHD 4K with better features for long-term personal viewing. You’ll get to share it anytime with your pals and perhaps even resell it which isn’t possible with a rented version.

Also, the version you stream online is actually compressed in comparatively low to match up with the internet speed and other factors. So, the 4K version of a blu ray disc is better due to the codec used and high space they take on a disc. In a nutshell, have you wondered why a DVD takes up almost 30GB for a movie but a ripped version of the same quality is like merely 2 GB? Well, its all thanks to compression and all that technical stuff that goes through.

See this video for more details

So yeah, if you are really into James Bond movies, having a bit of patience and owning the physical copy seems like a better deal and experience. Trust me, having a copy you can touch and really own makes a big difference in terms of overall experience. And people do get what I mean orelse Vinyl versions of albums would be a history, wouldn’t it?

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