Now Online Media Registration Work to Go Digital

The installation of the online press card, online media registration, and renewal has started. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has implemented this option since Sunday.

The new press representative certificate to be issued by the department, the identity card of the chairperson and the editorial team, is being carried out.

All work in connection with the renewal of the press representative certificate, online media registration, and the service process will be replaced by renovation work on the internet.

Similarly, the recipients of the service can apply on the website of the Department of Information and Broadcasting. In addition, the course of the service in the direct presence of the recipient of the service in the department will from now on only be until 1 p.m.

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Arrangements are being made for benefit recipients in the Kathmandu Valley who have completed the online application process with all required documents, which the department may make available from time to time.

But, in the case of benefit recipients outside the Kathmandu Valley, it will be provided by the department or post office of the corresponding district according to needs of the customer.

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