Now Vehicles from Bagmati Province Can Be Renewed Online

Vehicles within the Bagmati region can be extended online from tomorrow, Friday. In addition, taxes and fines can also be paid.

For this purpose, the website of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of Bagmati Pradesh has developed the traffic management information system (TMIS).

Previously it was said that the service would start on July 1st, but due to some technical issues, it won’t start until Friday.Bagmati’s Chief Minister Dormani Poudel plans to open the service tomorrow in Hetauda.

In addition, the recipients of the service can see the information about their vehicles from the citizen application (nagarik app), get information about the tax due and the tax paid, as well as pay the tax from the vehicle tax option of the app.

In the first phase, the Bagmati Province road tax can be paid from the application.

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