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NTC WiMAX Service to Be Shut Down by December

Nepal Telecom, a state-owned telecommunications company, is set to shut down Forge-based WiMAX services. The company plans to shut down its WiMAX internet service based on wireless technology later this year after failing to succeed commercially.

The company plans to replace the WiMAX service in its recently approved annual program. It is estimated to cost Rs. 489.84 million. Out of that, 80 percent or Rs. 391.87 million has been proposed.

According to the NTC, the company plans to sign an agreement for transferring customers to WiMAX service by September and shut down the WiMAX service by December. Telecom had started providing internet service in the villages through WiMAX technology from October 12, 2008.

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NTC has been operating high speed internet service with 30 MHz frequency of 2300 bands. However, the telecom has already blocked the expansion of its WiMAX service.

This service is currently in operation in only a few hilly districts. As soon as the service was expanded in Humla district, WiMAX reached every district of the country.

NTC has been saying that WiMAX’s new technology has not been produced since 2015 and is being used less in the world. Currently, the company has 90,563 users across the country.

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