One Piece Live-Action: What Fans Can And Can’t Expect From The Netflix Adaptation

By now, One Piece fans around the world are already well aware of the fact that their favorite manga is being adapted into a live-action show which will be featured on Netflix. Moreover, news covering the story arcs, episode titles, and even the casting of the east blue strawhats was recently revealed which got some fans while leaving some with mixed feelings towards it. The author of the manga Eiichiro Oda also revealed a note explaining how the live-action won’t be finished anytime soon.

Having said that, fans have been curious about how good the show will turn to be, being as how the fandom was disappointed with the previous live-action adaptations of Dragonball Evolution and Death Note. Whether or not the One Piece live-action will live up to the hype that it is getting right now is yet to be seen.

Be that as it may, we can still make speculations about what we can expect from the show and what might be omitted as unnecessary, as the anime and manga are different from filming with real people. So let’s take a look over what we can and can’t expect from the series.

Can Expect: Uncovering Of Storylines And Character Arcs

If it’s one thing that One Piece stands out for, it’s how Oda handles his characters. The characters feel ambiguous at first, but as we go along with their developments in the story, we get to know more about the intentions behind their actions. We start to understand the characters more, whether they be arc villains or the strawhat pirates themselves.

This aspect of the manga makes the climax of the story even more impactful. There’s a high possibility that this part of the manga that gets especially focused upon in the live-action series.

However, if the actor, in this case, Taz Skylar, chooses to incorporate a similar level of reaction from his portrayal of the character, then it runs a high risk of looking weird and forced.

Can’t Expect: Every Part Of The Manga That We Enjoyed To Be Shown In The Series

As we know that One Piece’s world is elephantine, and the manga has over 1030 chapters so far. We have no idea on how long Netflix plans on moving the show forward, however, considering the budget it takes to make a single episode (estimated 9-10 million dollars per episode), it is natural for the show to be shortened to only the most relevant scenes and plotlines to make the filming process convenient.

Also, looking at how there’s a rubber boy, a long-nosed sniper, and a three sword style swordsman who holds one of his swords in his mouth, getting the CGI right in itself will be a difficult thing to do.

Can’t Expect: The Live-Action To Be Better Than The Manga Or Anime

Let’s not forget that the manga is the primary focus of the show. The attempt for the live-action might not be to surpass the manga, but to build more hype for it, to attract new fans to it, and to bring in a different flavor for the old readers. For those reasons, we can’t expect the live-action to be better than the manga or anime.

An example of how live-action can never touch upon the signature traits of Anime.

Although there are plenty of funny and cheerful moments in the manga, not all of them might find their way into the live-action, so we might have to set reasonable expectations for the Netflix adaptation. What we can look forward to has more to do with what new they can bring to the table, not necessarily regarding the plot, but in their portrayal of those characters.

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