OnePlus and Oppo Merge! OnePlus Will Still Work Independently

OnePlus and Oppo are going the distance with their new found friendship. After collaboratingly working with each other for quiet sometime the brands are now merging together.

The OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau took to the OnePlus forum to announce the establishment of a new bond. Both the company is owned by a Chinese company BBK Electronics. To know what the new collaborations means to the users read the article in brief.

OnePlus And Oppo Friendship

Oppo and OnePlus joined forces last year when the OnePlus CEO carried to burden of overseeing product strategy with Oppo. From then on they have integrated a number of teams to closely work on their operations and additional shared resources.

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Similarly, Pete also went onto say the postitive impact from the collaborations helped their company develop better products. That is why the company is extending its hand for a deeper integration between the organizations.

With the new merge between the organizations the OnePlus CEO focused his attention on bringing faster and more stable software updates or OnePlus user.

In addition, he also said that they will continue to work idependently and launch products, host events and engaged with its customers.

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