Oneplus to Merge OxygenOS with Oppo’s ColorOS

Since the recent collaboration OnePlus and Oppo have struck yet another deal. As you know, OnePlus recently announced that it will become a sub-brand of OPPO, which means we will get the same benefits that OPPO users get. It will also have three years of Android compatibility. 

In May, we received the news that Vivo has decided to expand its software support for the flagship X-series, which means that these devices will receive important Android operating system updates and security updates for select models for three years, which will be released later in July 2021.

OPPO followed the same steps as Vivo, so selected OPPO phones will also receive three years of Android updates. In addition, these three years of Android updates also apply to OnePlus devices, as OxygenOS and ColorOS will soon move closer together. 

 OnePlus stated in a forum post that “the integration of the OxygenOS and ColorOS codebase is being worked on”. 

“This is a change that you will likely not even notice since it’s happening behind the scenes. We now have a larger and even more capable team of developers, more advanced R&D resources, and a more streamlined development process all coming together to improve the OxygenOS experience.”

 However, don’t expect to install ColorOS on OnePlus devices outside of China as we will still have OxygenOS as the global operating system for OnePlus smartphones. However, there is no information about possible visual changes in OxygenOS, although this may still be imminent.

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As suggested by the Android 12 beta for OnePlus 9. But we’ll leave it for later, we’ll focus on great news for every OnePlus user as the company takes us one Provides more robust Android update planned and three years of support for their newest devices, including Nord.

  “Most importantly, we’re excited to announce an improved software maintenance program for the V-cycle with these changes:

  •  Flagship product line (including T / R): OnePlus 8 series and newer devices receive 3 important changes roid updates and 4-year security updates. 

  •  North / North CE: Early OnePlus North devices and newer North / North CE devices receive 2 major Android updates and 3-year security updates. 

  •  Nord N-Series – Starting with the N10 and N100, all N-Series devices receive 1 major Android update and 3 years of security updates. “

 Unfortunately, not all devices are eligible for these new three-year updates. OnePlus also makes it clear that only the OnePlus 8 series or newer models are eligible, which means that if you’re still wearing a OnePlus 7 model or a little earlier, you will, may want to consider upgrading to a newer phone 

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