Park Hae-soo’s Rendition Of Berlin In Money Heist Remake May Not Be That Different After All

The Korean remake of the immensely popular Netflix series Money Heist is on its way and it is causing quite a stir in the Korean entertainment industry with many expecting it to be as big as the original. The original show, which was watched by millions around the world, was captivating, to say the least, due to the unpredictable plot twists and constant action that kept us on the edge of our seats.

The remake of Le Casa De Papel is set to be released in 2022 and its plot revolves around the Korean Peninsula. Money Heist Korea is highly anticipated will have a 12-episode and be produced by Kim Hong-sun, the producer of movies like The Guest and Voice and the production and management of the series will be overseen by BH Entertainment.

Alex Pina, the head director of the original series, had words of admiration for the Korean creators and also complimented Korean content’s unique storytelling and culture. Some of the biggest names in the Korean industry like Jeon Jong-seo, Yoo Ji-tae, and Lee Hyun-woo are members of the cast. 

Park Hae-soo will play the role of Berlin in Money Heist Korea ( Source: MagzMandala )

Among the names is another Korean superstar, Park Hae Soo. The actor recently came into the spotlight with his role in the Korean record-breaker series, Squid Game, playing the role of Jo Sang-woo. Park’s role as Sang-woo was exceptional, and he finessed past such a difficult role with ease. 

Park Hae-soo’s Version Of Berlin May Not Be Different

Park Hae-soo will be playing the role of Berlin, another multi-layered character from the show Money Heist. If you’ve watched Money Heist, you already know what a complex character Berlin is. If you haven’t yet, we warn you of spoilers ahead.

In a recent interview, Park revealed that he is a huge fan of Berlin’s role in the original series. He describes Berlin as a cold-blooded character who is on the verge of good and evil. He suggests that the role he’ll be playing is on the verge of good and evil as well, but has a very good reason to be that way. He goes on to say that the character in the remake is going to be “very different” and that he wants to portray Berlin as “a real human being” thus making the character very different from the original character.

I’m a big fan of Money Heist. It’s such an honour and I’m super nervous. In the original version, Berlin is kind of chic and cold-blooded. He’s on the verge of good and evil. But in the Korean version, Berlin has a good reason to be like that. So, it’ll be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I wanted to portray Berlin as a real human being. So, it’ll be very different from the original.

However, we beg to differ. Berlin from the original series is one of the most complex characters that you’ll get to see on a show. On the surface, he comes off as simply an egomaniac and a psychopath, but that is not just the case. Pedro Alonso, the actor who portrayed Berlin in the original series, called the character unpredictable, brutal and immoral.

On the other hand, he also called Berlin an intelligent character who loved to live every moment of his life as if it’s his last. This could actually have been the case as Berlin suffered from Helmer’s Myopathy and didn’t have much longer to live. 

There were a few instances in the show where we saw Berlin as a loving, passionate and vulnerable man. His move of marrying his wife Tatiana despite being much older than her and not having much longer to live was called a “betrayal” by The Professor, to which Berlin replies, “Everyone is prone to betray under the right circumstances.”

Despite being sort of an Anti-villain character Berlin was overall among favourite part of Money Heist ( Source: YouTube )

This shows how differently he views life. In an interview with the media in the show, we see a completely different side to Berlin, where he appears vulnerable and gives a moving speech. Another instance is when- despite identifying as a heterosexual male- he kisses his best friend Palermo, who is hopelessly in love with him. Berlin says he wants nothing more than to be able to love him back, but that he cannot, showing that he is an empathetic man.

In the end, Berlin sacrifices himself for his team, his family. He chooses to die on his own terms, with dignity and pride, instead of the weakness of his disease, which was just so typical of Berlin and it was an ending that suited the character. All of these emotions make the original show’s character human enough and someone who is just dealing with too much. The original show’s Berlin has his own reasons to act the way he does, which only shows that Park Hae Soo’s rendition of the new Berlin might not be that different after all.

Park Hae-soo Just Became A Dad

Park Hae Soo has a man with a successful career and a happy family life. The 39-year-old actor is married and recently got blessed with his first child, a baby boy. His agency, BH Entertainment, announced the news that Park Hae Soo had become a father and that both the mother and the child were in good health. The couple got married in 2018, after reportedly having been together since a year prior. 

His baby came almost hand in hand to Squid Game becoming an absolute hit. His role as Jo Sang-woo, a well-educated man who was thought to be a successful businessman, was admired by many. His character was the best friend of the main character, Sung Gi-hoon, who adored his best friend from the very beginning, but started despising him after the choices he makes during the games. 

In an interview with OSEN, the actor revealed that he didn’t feel any difference between himself and the character that he was playing. He also said that what drew him towards acting in the show was how much the characters had to deal with psychologically as time progressed. “The choices grew easier as it felt like I wasn’t acting, so it felt strange”, he said. He also went on to say that he expected the show Squid Game to gain this much attention as there was so much to relate from in each character.

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