Paula Newsome’s Husband & Role In Spiderman Revealed

Paula Newsome isn’t a household name among audiences yet, but the day she will be isn’t far away either. Not because there’s a miracle happening or some extravagant event happening in her life.

Viewers of Barry, HBO’s critically acclaimed show by Bill Hader are well aware that her acting talent is note-worthy. She plays a fiercely independent character of a single woman detective and the end of season 2 made it evident fans were already in love with her.

Now Paula is a familiar face all due to her appearance in the trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home. But it would be unfair to give credit to solely this project for her success now. So, let’s take a look at the 

personal life of Paula and exclusive interesting facts on her.

Paula Newsome’s Husband Is A Musician

Paula’s married life remained surrounded in mystery for quite a long mostly because fans weren’t looking in the right place. Some even assumed the actress as single at the age of 50 ( as of 2021) was single. 

But our sources have discovered that Paula is in fact married to a musician named George Daniels. Like the actress, her partner too is from the Chicago area and owner of the record store Georges Music Room.

Paula and husband George attend Living Legends Foundation 19th Awards in 2015 ( Source: Instagram )

Sadly, the music store her husband owned closed due to the severe effects of COVID-19 and other financial reasons. Nevertheless, he is an influential figure in the Chicago musical arena and has worked alongside artists including Chance The Rapper and Tyrese Gibson.

Although it remains unknown when Paula and George married, it’s apparent the couple still doesn’t have children. So, for now, the Barry actress keeps solace in spending quality time with her cute nieces.

Paula’s Father Served In The Military

Paula was born in 1971 and raised in Chicago by her single working father Max Donald Newsome. Her dad served in the military at the start of his career working as an Army doctor during the battle of Vietnam.

The actress grew up alongside her two sisters and faced poverty and several hardships.

Young Paula with late father Max Donald Newsome ( Source: Instagram )

Growing up, her father had a major influence on her character and thankfully, he lived long enough to see Paula excel in her acting career.

My father is the reason I am who i am today. He was intelligent salty funny charismatic successful put 3 girls thru college, raised 2 generations out of poverty, and gave sooooo much more better than u got.

Sadly, her dad lost his life on 10th July 2019 with Paula by her side. Despite the hardship, Paula’s father was able to give her proper education. She completed her schooling at Morgan Park Academy in 1971 and graduated with a degree in Conservatory Theatre Arts from Webster University.

Paula Newsome Is Not Related To Oprah Winfrey, kind Of

In the world of showbiz, fans are often left wondering if some celebrities are related just due to the sheer fact that that they look similar to share the same surname.

The iconic host and philanthropist Oprah does share a resemblance to actress Paula. The fact is that both of these figures share Afro-American ethnicity and their countenance looks similar.

Paula and Oprah look similar as per some fans ( Source: MagzMandal )

But be rest assured that the two are not related by blood or career even though Paula looks like Oprah.

There might come a day when these two actresses might end up working together. However, for now, fans can be rest assured that Paula has no relation to Oprah whatsoever.

Is Paula Playing Miles Morales Mother In Spiderman: No Way Home?

Back in 2018, Paula underwent an interview session with StarryMag where she had let in a clue when asked about her upcoming role to which she replied,

You know, I can’t say for sure just because we are still in the negotiation phase, but what’s ahead is very exciting.

Turns out that she was alluding to none other than her role in Spider-Man: No Way Home. At that time they were still in talks about her role in the movie and the actress was making sure not to disclose her involvement due to contractual obligations.

Interestingly, when the trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Spiderman movie made it to YouTube,  Paula too shared screentime in the trailer as seen confronting Peter Parker ( played by Tom Holland).

Paula made a short appearance in the trailer for Spiderman: No Way Home ( Source: YouTube )

Since there has been confirmation that Peter will be meeting other characters in the Multiverse and that might involve Miles Morales as well.  And fans have theorized that Paula is playing Rio Morales, the mother of this alternate version of Spider with Black heritage.

Moreover, Paula responded through a cryptic tweet when Chatter Box Film posted about this theory mentioned above.

The tweet from Paula in response to Miles Morales theory ( Source: Twitter )

Still, only time will tell whether this theory turns out to be true.

Her Net Worth Is On The Rise

Since Paula is starting to rise in her acting career, many have wondered how much Paula Newsome’s net worth is.  Unfortunately, her well c=doucmented and verified net worth hasn’t been disclosed yet.

But judging by her projects, it’s obvious that Paula is gaining financial momentum with big projects. Barry proved to be a critical success and with her addition to the Marvel franchise for the role in Spiderman: No Way Home, she is on a bright path. She’ll be starring alongside stars like Tom Holland and Alfred Molina.

Paula also did a commercial for Toyota back in 2013 ( Source: YouTube )

Her salary from the movie hasn’t been disclosed yet and there’s no doubt that the sum paid to her was impressive considering the production budget of Spiderman. Nevertheless, Paula has come a long way since she made her acting debut with a small role in Home Alone (1990).

More Bonus Facts On Paula :

  • The actress was first encouraged by her teacher to try acting with the Pitt Players, a children’s theatrical program at the Beverly Arts Center.
  • Still today, Paula considers her role of Detective Janice Moss in Barry as her dream role she was able to do.
  • She has minor roles in famous tv series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, and Castle.
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