Realme’s Dizo Set to Bring Its First Mobile Phone

Realme’s AIoT sub-brand Dizo (Realme Dizo) unveiled a pair of wireless headphones last week, and the company is already unveiling its next product, which is not an AIoT device but a cellphone.

Dizo shared a poster on Twitter to make fun of his cell phone. The phone isn’t clearly visible, but a little editing shows that it’s a feature phone with a circular island on the back that houses a camera and flash.

Dizo hasn’t released anything about this feature phone, but it could be the Dizo Star 500, which received FCC certification in May. However, this one had Dizo branding on the back, while the one in the teaser omits the branding and has a structured back.

Well, Dizo will most likely tweak the design later, and if the phone that mocks the Realme sub-brand is actually the Star 500 then it will come with DualSIM support, 2G connectivity, a microSD card slot, and a 1,830 mAh supplied battery.

Feature-Phone Dizo Star 500 (FCC-Photos) Feature-Phone Dizo Star 500 (FCC-Photos) Feature-Phone Dizo Star 500 (Photos FCC) Feature-Phone

Dizo Star 500

The Star 500 became accompanied by the Star 300 at the FCC. It has a smaller screen but a 2,500 mAh battery. Like the Star 500, the Star 300 also has DualSIM support, 2G connectivity and a microSD card slot for storage expansion.

Dizo Star 500 (credit: FCC)


Feature phone Dizo Star 300 (FCC photos) Feature phone Dizo Star 300 (photos FCC) Feature phone Dizo Star 300 (photos FCC) Feature phone

Dizo Star 300

Dizo Star 300 (credit: FCC)

No news officials about the Star 300 neither, but you can expect to find out more about these feature phones soon as Dizo has launched its ad campaign.

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