Rick Beato Is Helping Younger Generation Listen To Great Music

We are living in an era where people can access any kind of music they want to listen to from their smartphones. With the innovation of YouTube and other digital streaming platforms, physical copies of music have become obsolete.

The consumption behavior of music has been changing throughout history with the present time providing the easiest ways to discover new songs.

Rick Beato as seen in 2021 ( Source: YouTube )

Amidst all this, Rick Beato, through his YouTube channel, is introducing the younger generation to extraordinary artists whose music had been influential during their time. 

Channel’s Origin, Features Of The Platform

Rick is a music professional and educator who passes on his knowledge to the audience through his YouTube channel. Born on April 24, 1962, he has worked in different fields of music like songwriting, audio engineering, and record production. He completed his bachelor’s degree of arts in music from Ithaca College and master’s degree in jazz studies from the New England Conservatory Of Music in 1987.

Young Rick Beato at the age of 36 ( Source: YouTube )

The educator started his YouTube channel in 2015 after a friend and another fellow YouTuber Rhett Shull urged him to do so.

He was successfully able to manifest the vision he had for his channel, which was to provide theoretical knowledge as well as ear training and other educational content to the people. Most of the videos he puts out on his channel are driven by the intent of making emerging musicians aware of the songwriting approach of the pioneers in different genres so that they can incorporate those skills into their own compositions.

For instance, his “top 20 drum grooves of all time” video had more to it than appreciating those grooves. He recently explained in a live stream how he wanted to inspire other aspiring drummers, which is the intent behind most of these videos.

Beato’s most celebrated video series What Makes This Song Great features songs from artists of various genres, of which he presents an in-depth analysis and breakdown from start to finish. An interesting fact is that he first started the series on his second channel ‘Rick Beato 2’, which he started just 3 months after his first channel. This channel contains longer videos with music-packed content. 

Linkin Park’s Numb was featured in ‘What Makes This Song Great’ section of video series ( Source: YouTube )

Sometimes, he makes videos on musicians who are not popular with mainstream listeners but still does it so that people get to know about their amazing legacy even if the videos don’t get that many views. 

He also listens to top ten songs on Spotify and iTunes now and then and breaks them down for his viewers to understand what’s going behind these songs.

With more than 2.5 million subscribers, Beato has accomplished a lot in just 5 years from the start of his YouTube journey. Teaching was the primary focus when the YouTuber started out and he has been able to prepare valuable teaching materials which incorporate improvisation, music theory as well as an ear training course.

Rick promoting his ear training course ( Source: Twitter )

Rick designed these interesting courses after several years of experience teaching them to students who had trouble developing a musical ear when he worked as a college professor. 

Rick’s Future Plans For The Channel

The musician has planned even more interesting content for his channel with one of them being filming outdoor musical content and documentaries. He also expressed his desire of wanting to visit musicians in person (like he met Joni Mitchell) and conduct interviews asking them questions that the non-musician journalists often wouldn’t ask.

Some of the people with whom he wants to arrange an in-person interview are Paul McCartney from The Beatles, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, British rock guitarist Jeff Beck and the American jazz pianist Herbie Hancock. 

Rick has turned down many sponsorship offers for his channel because he still wants to choose the type of content to upload on the platform at the end of the day.

The artist does face copyright challenges from time to time like many creators in YouTube ( Source : Twiter )

Rick sustains his channel from donations, selling an ear training course and music theory materials like The Beato Book, and other merchandise which includes t-shirts and coffee mugs. 

More Interesting Facts On Rick Beato:

  • Rick is a father to two young daughter daughters named Lennon and Layla Beato and a boy named Dylan As apprant from the name, the music coach took inspiration from icon singer while naming his kids.
  • His late father liver for 102 years and lost his life to natural causes in 2004.
  • Rick’s wife is woman named Nina Beato.
The Beato family in single frame ( Source: Instagram )
  • In 1993, the YouTube resided in NYC near club Sene where he used to frequently watch legend Jeff Buckley perform.
  • Rick was the member of his highschool band named Billionaire he formed in the 90s.

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