Samsung to Supply Foldable OLED Panels for Competitors

Samsung has raced forward when it comes to foldable displays in smartphones. First, it was introduced as a concept in the virtual Display Week exhibition, and since that the concept has taken off.

Samsung has never been shy of putting out its concept on the table. In this case, the foldable display has become the next big thing to be added to the smartphone. While Samsung is leading the pack with foldable phones, it seems to be supplying them to its competitors as well.

Here is how Samsung is planning to start producing foldable OLED panels for the likes of Google, Vivo & Xiaomi

Samsung Looks To Expand Business

Samsung is looking to dominate the foldable smartphone market with its supply of display and OLED panels to Google, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

Korean media was quick to report that, the deal had been struck already and Samsung is preparing for mass production of panels. They also pointed out that the panels will be shipped from October this year.

So it means that Google, Xiaomi, and Vivo are all gearing up to launch their line of foldable smartphones in the market. Not only that, the source suggests, OPPO is also in talks with Samsung with the supplies but a phone from OPPO will likely be seen in 2022.

Google however is planning to launch Google Fold by the end of this year. It will likely have a 7.6″ in-folding display. On the other hand Vivo’s phone will consist of an 8″ foldable panel but the dimensions of Xiaomi‘s phones are unknown.

While Samsung has struck a deal to supply both OLED and UTG for other companies, it will likely use it for its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 to be revealed shortly.

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