Sasha Grey Is Finding Success In Twitch Since Her Retirement

Former performer Sasha Grey left the adult entertainment industry in 2009 although she made the news of her retirement public two years later. The Girlfriend Experience star stopped shooting any videos by 2009 and instead started to focus on other business ventures.

While many performers leave the adult business because they are cut up with it, Sasha had a different reason. In 2020, during an interview with Holly Randall, the ex-performer revealed she wanted to always try new things apart from AVN.
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I thought I would be in the industry for a long time. But I was always doing something else, I had other interests as well such as writing. I always wanted to do more interactive things with my fans who know me well for other reasons apart from my performance.

Interestingly, this statement couldn’t be more true since the LA native has finally found her true fanbase. Yup, from a career full of ups and downs, Sasha has made it to Twitch, one of the biggest live video streaming services focusing on video games. Today, her official account is almost close to crossing one million subscribers.

But before we dive into Sasha Grey’s ( real name Marina Ann Hantzis)  online venture, let’s look at her life after retirement.

Sasha’s Failed Projects Post Retirement

Right after retiring in 2009, two major projects of Sasha vanished into thin air without much success. Her role in Eminem’s music video for track Spacebound (2009) did very little in providing her exposure in showbiz.

Moreover, Sasha’s attempt at making it big in Hollywood failed miserably with her role in the 2014 found-footage thriller Open Windows. Apart from getting panned by critics, it was a box office disaster as it couldn’t perform even on average to accumulate its initial budget of about $3 million.

Sasha starred alongside LOD star Elijah Wood in Open WIndows ( Source : YouTube )

The actress had worked on Steven Soderberg’s The Girlfriend Experience back in 2009 but was only a critical success. And also, it didn’t help much in catapulting Sasha’s film career and image.

Despite these failed attempts, Sasha continued to act in tons of music videos and TV series. She even bagged a role in the 2004 sitcom Entourage portraying an onscreen version of her image in the adult industry.

Finally, in 2020, the artist got into the production side of the business as well by producing and hosting the show called Grey Area. The web show involved topics such as relationships and sexuality in the age of the internet.

Writing Career With Juliette Society, Music, and DJ

Little do fans know that Sasha is a top-tier DJ and singer as well. If you’ve seen Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018) then your ears have listened to the melody of Sasha.

Her song Consequences Of Love that was performed with Infected Mushroom plays in the first 50 minutes scene where Tom Cruise is walking through a crowd at a disco in France.

From 6:25, you can listen to Sasha Grey’s track featured in Mission Impossible: Fallout ( Source: YouTube )

Above all, Sasha treasures her literary work a lot which is her novel Juliette Society. Released in 2013, it is a three-part series novel that centers around a film student who dives into the conglomerate of lewd clubs focusing on sexuality and deepest fantasies.

Book of Sasha Grey ( Source: Twitter )

The book was a success in many regions and was published in over 25 countries.

Sasha’s Twitch Success, Net Worth

February 2019 was almost a new era for Sasha and her fans. Finally, the performer joined a platform where her longtime fans and new potential viewers could look at her content.

Of course, none of them are R-rated now, but among the content of Sasha that fans can watch alongside their family members.

Although so-called NOOB in the gaming community, Sasha did well in Twitch playing a variety of games. She didn’t play like Mr.Beast but one of the signature parts of her content was the interaction she did with the viewers. 

After all, in the age where game streamers are turning to Onlyfans, seeing a successful ex-adult performer doing an entertaining set of Twitch sessions is something rare.

Sasha’s success in Twitch is apparent through a large number of subscribers she has and the support she keeps receiving financially as well.

The gamer receives up to $29 per subscriber from the channel and even accepts donations from viewers. By the look of her profile, more than 100 loyal donations come to Sasha on Twitch.

On top of that, she advertises her apparel brand titled “love’ and accepts items right at her doorstep.

Sasha Grey Contact Details, Home Address

In case you want to show support by gifting her items, you can mail the items directly at 3950, Laurel Cyn Blvd #1480, Los Angeles, CA 91614, USA.

Just make sure not to send her any food because food expire and you can’t always expect things to be shipped in time.

For business inquiry, you can mail Sasha Grey at   [email protected]

When Does Sasha Stream On Twitch?

Except for Monday and Tuesday, Sasha Grey is LIVE on Twitch every day for few hours.

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