Is Shanks’ Appearance In One Piece Film Red Confirmed? What We Know So Far And What we can Expect During Release Date

The end of 2021 has been fueling up the One Piece hype, as shortly after the recent reveal of the cast for the One Piece live-action series, there was excitement in the fandom for the premiere of the 1000th anime episode on 21st November. However, there’s more treat for the fandom, and this one might be the biggest so far, as a teaser was launched for the upcoming One Piece Film “Red”. Be that as it may, the most intriguing impression on the teaser was a bounty picture of the most looked-for character of the manga- Red-haired Shanks.

Shanks, being a mentor to the protagonist Monkey D Luffy, has been a fan favorite character ever since the beginning of One Piece. The captain of the Red-haired pirate crew not only pulled off a heart-touching act of sacrificing his arm to save Luffy from a ferocious sea king but also subtly passed on his pirating ideals to the protagonist.

To top it off, the one-handed pirate even entrusted Luffy with his straw hat which he got as a memento from the king of the pirates Gol D Roger.

The straw hat has a great significance in the One Piece verse, so much the protagonist’s crew is named after it. 

However, aside from being a mentor to Luffy, Shanks has a consequential role in the story. After all, being one of the four emperors of the sea, he’s considered an influential and powerful pirate in the seas. Although the character has been bit by bit promoted throughout the series, we still have very little information about him.

There are rare occurrences when he shows up in a chapter, but every time he does, he gets the fans on the edge of their seats. The ambiguity surrounding the character has been building up more than ever, especially since his meeting with the five elders of the world government- the Gorosei. 

Following the teaser for ‘Film Red’, what we can expect from it is open to discussion. Keeping track of the rumours of One Piece coming to its conclusion in less than five years, one question that remains is whether or not the storyline of the film will be canon in the manga. Immediately after the announcement, the movie has brought with it lots of expectations to see something new about Shanks and his crew.

Some of the things that the fans are hoping to see are how he got to join the Roger Pirates, his background, how he recruited Beckman, Lucky Roo and Yasopp, the father of the sniper of the strawhat pirates, all of whom we know very less about. Among other things, what the fans most want to see is his fights with Dracule Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world that Zoro has set out to surpass. As of now, whether or not we get to see the dynamic of these two in the movie is uncertain.

Having said that, there’s a possibility that the most anticipated moment of Luffy meeting Shanks, which inherently bring the moment Usopp meets his father Yasopp, might be solely reserved for the manga. Nevertheless, anything related to Shanks will be exhilarating for the fans.

At the end of the day, we’ve only got a teaser for the film and we can only speculate about what the movie will be about. One thing to note is that Eiichiro Oda himself is involved in the production of the movie which leads us to believe that the film will be an important one. One Piece Film Red is set out to release on August 6, 2022.

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