Will Sharon Van Etten Be Performing Alongside Angel Olsen In Outside Lands Festival ? Like They Used To

The onset of COVID-19 hit several economic sectors across globally, and the thriving independent artists were no exception. As French singer/songwriter revealed Soko ( Stéphanie Alexandra Mina Sokolinski) said in a Q&A, most indie artists’ revenue is generated primarily from doing LIVE shows rather than sales from streaming.

Thankfully, the pandemic has settled down a bit, if not over yet and the talented Sharon Van Etten is back on road again, performing. The “Are We There Yet” hitmaker is already booked for two major events in 2021 and fans can finally see her perform live after but meeting some requirements aside from the tickets of course.

Sharon And Angel Olsen On Outside Lands Festival Line Up

Held annually in San Francisco, CA, Outside Lands stands among the largest independent music festival in the states. The past lineup in this grand event consisted of big names including Beastie Boys, Radiohead, and this year, Sharon Van Etten is set to grace the festival with her presence on October 29.

The lineup for Outside Lands Festival ( Source: Official site )

Interestingly, this year’s lineup includes artists such as Tame Impala, and above all our Shut Up & Kiss Me singer Angel Olsen is on the list as well. As per the festival’s official site on the daily lineup list, Olsen will put on a show on the 30th of October, the next day after Sharon’s performance schedule.

A shot from the music video of Like I Used To inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s Persona (Source: YouTube)

Sharon Van Etten collaborated with Angel Olsen on the newly released single “Like I Used To” released in 2021. With a theme centered on their past singing career and days of struggle, the track is the first joint collaboration although the two have known each other for years and supported each other since the beginning.

In a conversation with Vulture magazine, Angel even opened up,

On a more personal note, the song reminds me of how we’ve both been just going, going, going. I mean, you [Sharon] have been creating a family and doing other things with your life and your career, but we’ve both just been going for over ten years. This time has been a really interesting pause.

So, if these two legends in the making won’t perform “Like I Used To” at Outside Lands, it’ll certainly be a missed opportunity to awe the fans.

Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen perform at Jimmy Kimmel Live ( Source: YouTube )

Hopefully, there will be a surprise performance waiting for the listeners at the festival. The tickets for the event are already for sale at the official site.

Safety & COVID-19 Protocols At Sharon Van Etten’s Tour

Apart from Outside Lands, Sharon is also booked to tour at the prestigious Ohana Music Festival founded by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vader.

Event-goers will be able to see her performing on 26th September and keep in mind that Pearl Jam will be on the stage the same day.

However, on both of the events that Sharon is touring at, the COVID-19 safety protocols are the same and strict. If you are interested in being at these events, at least a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination is required before entering the premises. Masks are extremely recommended by the event organizers and other guidelines listed in their respective sites have to be followed strictly.

While it might be inconvenient to some fans due to all these protocols, they should keep solace in the fact that at least the festival wasn’t canceled this year. In fact, we might never know when the organizers might announce their decision to postpone due to the surge in cases of Delta variant, so stay safe folks!

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