Shortage of Microchips, Hike in Price of Electronics in 2021

The shortage of microchips has been noticed in the International market as the Covid pandemic slows down. The microchip manufacturing company were shut down during the pandemic, which created the shortage of microchips. Since these modern electronics like TV, automobiles, mobile phone, gaming console uses much of those microchips. The supply and demand of the microchip did not match results in price hike of electronic products in 2021.

What is microchip?

The scarcity in microchips, the “brain” inside each digital tool with inside the world, has been step by step worsening on the grounds that the remaining year. Initially the trouble changed into best a transient put off in elements as factories close down whilst the coronavirus pandemic first hit. However, despite the fact that manufacturing is returned to normal, a brand new surge in call for pushed through converting conduct fueled through the pandemic way that it’s miles now accomplishing disaster point.

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Car producers making an investment in tech-heavy electric powered vehicles, the growth in income of TVs and domestic computer systems and release of recent video games consoles and 5G-enabled cell telephones have all pushed calls for.

Global microchip shortage could have a significant impact on PC sales and supply for the remainder of the year as the industry tries to rebound after the pandemic, warned two of the world’s leading manufacturers. Dell and HP have said that demand for PCs could outperform supply for some time as the computing world picks up speed.

Industries around the world have been hit by the slowdown in microchip manufacturing during the pandemic, with foundries and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Japan and other affected areas due to corona outbreaks and blockages.

Will PC price go up?

Both companies issued the warnings when they released their latest financial results, with Dell and HP posting better than expected quarters. In its first quarter 2021 results, Dell reported $938 million in profits and $ 24.5 billion in revenue, up 12% as revenue increased 14%. However, the company warned that PC prices could rise soon to address the shortage of spare parts.


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According to HP, PC sales rose 27% in the second quarter of 2021 and laptop sales rose 47% year-over-year to increase quarterly sales to $ 15.9 billion, up 27.3% from the previous year corresponding to the previous year. This significant growth in demand from businesses and consumers could also cause prices to rise as a result.

So it’s basically the laws of supply and demand that helped us get better prices during the quarter. From year to year or quarter to quarter, this gross margin improvement was largely due to lower prices, which resulted in fewer promotions and cost improvements.

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