5 Things To Know About Twitch Streamer Yassuo’s Family And Income Sources

Netizens and fans of League Of Legends gaming are pretty familiar with the name Yassuo, a full-time streamer of 100 thieves and top streamers today. With over 2 million subscribers count on YouTube alone and famous personality in the realm of Twitch streamers,

On the other hand, the gamer has his own share of controversy following his breakup with girlfriend Bella. Also, his another beef with streamer katevolved generated wide criticism on the web. While this is a whole different matter, lets look at some lesser known facts about Yassu involving his family and career.

Yassou’s Eldest Sister Is An Entrepreneur

The New York native’s young sister Niveen Abdalrhman is a business owner focusing on apparel sales. At the young age of 23, she is already an owner of a fashion brand based in New York titled ‘Niviour’ that was founded in 2018.

It mostly focuses on the production of hoodies and sweatshirts with the signature name ( written in Arabic) printed on them.

The brand is promoted by Yassou’s sister Niveen through the personal Instagram handle ‘@niveenx’ that has an impressive follower count of 28 thousand. Also, Niveen has her own YouTube channel now and is following in her brother’s footsteps.

Yassuo’s sister runs a YouTube channel ( Source: YouTube )

The YouTuber also has a younger sister named Nunu who has made several appearances LIVE in his videos. He first introduced her in 2017 while streaming League Of Legends and even made her the account of the game.

Yassuo with youngest sister Nunu ( Source: Instagram )

Sadly, there were also some fans who didn’t respect her privacy and wanted to get to know her more. As a result, she rarely participates in Yassou’s stream these days.

Also, the gamer has a brother but his identity remains a mystery among his fans.

Supportive Parents, Ethnicity

Many users on the web think that Yassuo is an Indian but actually his roots in from Palestine. His parents immigrated from Palestine to America before getting married and opened their business in New York.

Despite coming from a struggling Arabian family, his parents were supportive of his gaming career. In a world where parents are mostly concerned with the education of their children, Moe’s parents were content with the fact that he was making a career doing what he loved the most.

Frequent viewers of Yassuo’s stream have been seen by his parents from time to time while he is streaming live from his room.

Yassuo’s mother walks during the middle of his streaming session ( Source: YouTube )

With such as dedicated fanbase in a diverse gaming community, Yassuo is making his own mark. Talking about his religion, he is a devout Muslim like his parents.

Yassou’s Net Worth & Earnings

Yassou’s net worth is still not verified yet, but by the look of his lifestyle, it seems he is doing pretty well. Today, he has multiple sources of income, with YouTube and Twitch being the primary ones. 

With almost 2 million subscribers in YouTube, he generated revenue from google ads, the videos that pop up between his clips. So, the income he amasses from YouTube depends on how well viewers click at the ads that appear in his videos.

Yassuo was even featured in the commercial for Mountain Dew ( Source: YouTube )

On the other hand, his earnings from Twitch are more stable as it is also based on a paid subscription. Users can pay up to $24 for a subscription in his Twitch account where they’ll get access to exclusive content from him.

Also, Yassou generates earnings by monetizing his brand name from the sale of apparel. He has collaborated with Metathreads, an online gaming-focused merchandise store, to sell his merchandises that range from t-shirts to hoodies.

For now, the Twitch streamer is doing pretty well on the economic side of things and even gifted his mother a Porshe back in 2020. Moreover, he has recently signed a contract with fashion giant Gucci making it obvious that the deal was pretty obvious.

Yassou’s Setup, Build & Gaming Chair In 2021

The Twitch streamer uses top-tier specs in his gaming setup although he rarely streams graphics-heavy games. But having a really powerful PC with top-notch specifications always comes in handy anyways.

Yassuo working through his setup ( Source: Instagram )

So, if you are curious about the gaming rig that Yassou uses, the items are listed below.

Yassou’s Inconsistent Stream Schedule

While other streamers like Sasha Grey have a consistent schedule of streaming, Yassou is quite the contrary.

He only streams three days a week mostly between Mondays and Thursdays. Although it is not a lot, he streams for up to 7 hours when he starts to play among his fans across the globe.

You can get an update on Yauuo’s streaming schedule for Twitch through the following official link. 

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