The chemistry Between The Cast Of Netflix’s One Piece Is already Hitting Off As They Stay In Character On Insta

The cast playing the strawhat pirates for the One Piece live-action series has been revealed, and guess what? The members of the pirate crew are already getting chummy with each other. In a recent Instagram post made by Taz Skylar (playing Sanji), he was joined by Jacob Romero Gibson (playing Usopp), Emily Rudd (playing Nami), and Inaki Godoy (playing Luffy) for what appears to be lunch.

The actors, especially Skylar and Makenyu (playing Zoro), were already showing the nitty-gritty of their characters. With Sanji being the chef of the strawhat pirates, Skylar wrote the caption “I cooked”.

Interestingly, seeing Skylar already grooving with his character, Makenyu also stepped aboard gag of his character constantly getting lost and went on to comment “Someone needs to pick me up Idk where I am.”

The fun dynamic of two of the strawhats of the monster trio- Zoro and Sanji involve the times when they constantly quarrel with each other for trivial things, and these two, when seen together, is always a treat to the eyes. At the same time, when needed, they trustfully look out for each other. 

Occasionally, Kazuya Nakai, the voice actor for Zoro, and Hiroaki Hirata, the voice actor for Sanji in the anime have been carrying the joke forward by insulting each other in events. It will be interesting if Mackenyu and Skylar also stay in character while interacting with each other on Instagram.

Noteworthily, it’s not only Skylar and Mackenyu, but Jacob Romero Gibson is also tagging along with them. To show you what I mean, in Skylar’s earlier post about the actors meeting each other, Jacob  “i can smelll the coookin alllllready.”

The actors seem to be having a wholesome time while getting to know each other more. One of the most important aspects to focus on for the live-action to succeed will be to get the dynamic between the main cast right, and their bonding over lunch can be great for the show. This way, the chemistry of these actors will resonate more on the screen as they seem to be going great so far. Mackenyu on the other hand was not able to join the rest of the cast because he wasn’t present at Cape town at that moment.

The cast of one piece staying in character

The series is still in its production phase and it will take a few more years before we get to see it on Netflix. Until then, their posts on Instagram will make us like the cat that’s got the cream.

Moreover, Inaki recently posted a picture of him leaving Mexico to start filming for the Netflix Series.In the caption,it read “Goodbye Mexico!!! I just need to find the One Piece and I’ll come back. Shouldn’t take me that long… right ???”

At the end of the day, the actors are giving off wholesome feelings and creating a buzz on Instagram, which the fans seem to be enjoying, and that’s what we can cherish for the time being.

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