Odd Even Vehicles Rule inside Kathmandu Valley Ends

The mandatory odd and even vehicle numbering system used to prevent the coronavirus in the Kathmandu Valley has ended.

Chief District Officer of Kathmandu, Kali Prasad Parajuli, has informed that the system will be removed from July 8.  At the same time, all means of transportation are now available.According to him, the number of passengers will not exceed the total capacity.

Also, all passengers must wear a mask. He has even requested not to allow passengers wearing masks to enter the vehicle. Drivers and navigators must also wear masks, face shields and gloves.Clean Tempo and Blue Micro can also operate.

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Earlier, only vehicles with a capacity of more than 25 seats were allowed to operate.And nbsp; The third seat of the microbus cannot carry more than 9 passengers (4 per person on the third seat and 1 person on the driver’s side).

Similarly, sanitizer should be provided at the door of public transport. Parajuli said that a plastic barrier should be installed in the middle of the vehicle to separate the passengers in both directions.

In the case of private vehicles operating within the valley, it will be mandatory to operate by following the health standards.  Henceforth, short, medium and long distance public and private vehicles will be allowed to enter the valley with the approval of the concerned district administration office.

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