Things People Don’t Know About Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell

If you are familiar with channels like TheInfographicsShow and Vox, it’s pretty evident you know about Kurzgesagt – In A Nut Shell. Consisting of informative content with minimalistic visual style, the popular learning platform in YouTube makes videos explaining diverse informative concepts ranging from Blackhole to existential crisis.

While a bit hard to pronounce, it is an extremely popular platform with more than 15 million subscribers and a secondary channel dedicated to German-speaking audiences. Kurzgesagt’s popularity is evident from the fact that their videos were featured episodes of the BAFTA-winning show I May Destroy You.

Bella and Stephen watching Kurzgesagt in I May Destroy You (Source: HBOmax screenshot )

So, let’s take a look at some interesting details on the YouTube channel that is here to stay and make us wonder.

History & Formation Of Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt was founded by Bavaria (in Germany) based designer Philipp Dettmer. Right before graduating from the University Of Applied Science Munich in 2013 with a degree in Arts, he set out to grow his career in the field of design.

While still a student in Munich in 2010, he founded a design company named after him.

But the company was eventually abandoned in 2013 and Philipp instead continued working as a lead designer at the firm named Selbständig. Interestingly, he had already started out another company and it was none other than Kurzgesagt.

Kurzgesagt founder Philipp Dettmer with MKBHD ( Source : YouTube )

It started out as a design firm in 2013 focusing on a unique perspective on design, color, and storytelling.

The first video uploaded on Kurzgesagt was titled ‘How Evolution Works’. Since the video talked about the formation and development of organisms of our planet, the logo of the channel still remains a simplified picture of Earth.

Who Narrates Kurzgesagt ? Plus Origin Of Name

Kurzgesagt translates to ‘in a nutshell’ in the German language and given the fact they break down complex topics in a very understandable way without leaving significant points, the name makes sense.

Moreover, due to the smooth narration that’s done by the same person in every one of their videos, Kurzgesagt has become more of an ASMR-like learning experience.

Have you ever wondered who voices in Kurzgesagt videos? Well, turns out that the man behind it is UK-based professional voice artist named Steve Taylor.

Steve Taylor, the narrator in Kurzgesagt videos (Source: )

Steve completed BA in German literature from the University Of Bristol, the same instituion where the channels founder studied. Maybe, the latter fact is the reason how Steve and Philipp managed to work together in 2013.

Aside from narrating for Kurzgesagt, Steve has also lent voice to commercials for private companies as well as NGOs.

Net Worth, Merch & YouTube Revenue Of Kurzgesagt

The verified valuation of Kurzgesagt company and its YouTube channel isn’t yet disclosed so any claim about their net worth being almost $ 2 million is untrue. Since their client includes big names like Microsoft, Amazon & Lyft the net worth is pretty bigger than this.

The primary income source of Kurzgesagt is from its YouTube channel since it generates YouTube ad revenue based on click-on ads by viewers. Also, several of their videos are sponsored by brands like NortonVPN and Squarespace that pay a handsome amount to promote their products.

On top of that, Kurzgesagt as a brand sells a wide range of merch through their online. Beautiful items engraved with their signature designs such as hoodies and gratitude journals are sold and shipped all over with special discounts sometimes.

Apart from this, the platform receives immense monetary support from Patreon as well. More than fifteen thousand supports subscribers on their Patreon page by paying $5 each. And in return, fans get a custom-designed cake and bird avatar including other benefits.

Kurzgesagt Heavily Focuses On Reliable Sources

Yes, it’s more reliable than ever due to the sheer research and team effort that goes into creating informational videos of Kurzgesagt. To get the idea, a single video consists of effort from a team consisting of more than 45 people that consists of editors, writers, and experts from all over the world.

After all, while covering topics such as science, space, and technology, accuracy is the most important part since many viewers and learners look up to the channel. Interestingly, Kurzgesagt explained through their own video in 2019 titled ‘Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?’ why their information is reliable.

The hardest part is being brief and not simplifying too much.

Although it’s safe to say that extensive research and unbiasedness goes on in their Kurzgesagt had its share of controversy. Two videos on the topic of Addiction and Refugee from 2013 were deleted later on since they lacked expertise and were biased.

The team learned from this mistake so that’s the reason all of the topics they research now are consulted with multiple experts while a script is being written.

Job Listings At Kurzgesagt

At Kurzgesagt, there is always a need for talented and passionate individuals. The firm doesn’t discriminate and every gender is welcome to join the company as long as they possess the skill required.

As of now, the company is hiring a social media manager, illustrator, and motion designer. Interested candidates can apply through THIS link.

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