TikTok Rolls Out Feature to Apply for Job from the App

Based on the video, the social media platform TikTok is bringing a new application tool in the app. This tool will allow users to apply for jobs in various companies.

The company has unveiled a ‘video resume’ tool under its pilot program. Launched as a trial period, the tool currently allows you to submit video resumes to US companies such as Chipotle, Target, Spotify, NASCAR, and WWE.

The company said that Tiktok users can creatively incorporate their skills and experience by publishing videos with the caption ‘#TikTokResumes’. For additional information, you can learn about the feature here: tiktokresumes.com

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This tool has a feature to search for jobs, post TikTok resume in the app, and submit. Introduced to connect brands and creators from Tiktok, this tool is currently only available in the United States.

Those who are interested in getting employment in a limited company there will be able to use this feature. The company plans to make these tools available in all countries soon.

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