Top Talent Anders Verjgang Renews Contract With RB Leipzig

Anders ‘RBLZ_ANDERS’ Verjgang announced through his Instagram that he has renewed his contract with RB Leipzig Gaming till 2022. And the team is more than excited to seem his back with the other members again.

Anders first signed his contract with RB Leipzig in 2020 and has been gaining the spotlight ever since. He has gained popularity in the FIFA world and the e-sports world as well for being a terrific FIFA player, and the only thing below average about him must be his age- he is just 14 years old.

The 14-year-old gained all the attention after setting up a record 535 wins on the run without losing a single game in the weekend league of FIFA 21. For those unbeknown to the FUT Champions Weekend League, it is an online tournament that anyone can play in, but only the elite (at least 27 wins) can participate in tournaments organized by EA Sports. However, Anders doesn’t qualify for tournaments organized by EA Sport since the minimum age requirement is 16 years old. 


With 30 games to play in a single weekend, his unbeaten streak spanned to a whopping 17 weeks. Going unbeaten in a single weekend league is a feat that the majority of players can only dream about, and Anders did it for 17 weeks straight. The achievement is amazing, to say the least, and to do it at that age made him an instant superstar in the FIFA community. It sure must have gotten a lot of fans wondering about what they were doing when they were 14.

Anders has begun FIFA 22 the same way he started FIFA 21 and has already set a 40-0 streak in the two FUT Champions Weekend League matches that he has played. His team, RBLZ Gaming, has other well-known FIFA players signed to them, but Anders seems to outplay them as his results in the weekend league overshadows that of his teammates. 

RBLZ Gaming signed Anders after he won the Hungry FIFA League 2020 where he finished the tournament as number 1 from round 1, won the league, and then also won the finals. Anders is currently represented and managed by King eSports, who also manage some of the biggest names in the FIFA community including Fnatic Tekkz, who is a multiple-time FIFA champion.

Anders was already pretty well known by the time he was 12 when he went 30-0 in the weekend league for the first time on FIFA 19. By that time, he had already secured around $5000 in winnings in a single year. 

According to an interview that Anders gave, his dream is to first win the Danish FIFA league after he’s of age and then look to win the FIFA eWorld Cup, the biggest EA Sports FIFA competition there is. It is safe to say that Anders has his goal set of making a living off of playing FIFA and by the looks of it, he is on the right track to complete his dream.

Does Anders Verjgang Have A Girlfriend ?

Despite being well aware that Anders is still a young lad and barely 16, fans still wonder about his dating life. However, it has come to light that the gamer is single for now and doesn’t plan on having a partner anytime soon.

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