Travis Scott Deleted These Disturbing Pictures From Instagram Following Astrofest Tragedy

  • Viewer discretion is advised since the article contains some distrubing pictures. The investigation on the tragedy is still underaway and in no way does our team wants to jump to any conclusion.

Concerts and other music festivals are primarily held for entertainment purposes so that people can have a good time while they’re taking a day off from their busy lifestyle. That’s what a concert generally aims for, however, sometimes the settings and the way these events unfold are unanticipatedly dangerous.

A similar unfortunate event occurred at the Astroworld Music Festival on the 5th of November 20201 after the American rapper Travis Scott hit the stage, and within only 30 minutes from the start of the show, people were getting trampled and gasping for breath. Tragically, the death toll for the concert reached 10 after the 9-year-old Ezra Blount breathed his last.

A User Shared Pictures Travis Deleted After The Tragedic Event

Following the incidents of the concert, Scott recently deleted pictures from his old Instagram posts that would make the current situation even worse for him as the captions in the pics don’t bode well for all the legal troubles he’s going through at the moment. The captions under these disturbing pictures that Travis shared on his social media come across as that the rapper, despite being well aware of the chaos and injuries in his concerts, takes safety issues of the people at these events lightly.

Considering how congested Travis’ concerts are, the safety of the people attending the concert becomes an even bigger concern. 

Interestingly, there’s also no denying that the PR team of the rapper made the decision to delete these now-controversial pictures in order to escape more trouble that they are already in.

The investigation of the event is still undergoing and all these past pictures could prove to become a strong case while proving Travis’s negligence during performances.

Timeline of The Tragedy & Reaction To Travis’s Apology 

The 9-year-old kid, Ezra Blount, who after being trampled at the concert suffered severe brain, kidney, and liver damage, became the 10th person to die in the concert. The Blount family has demanded a million dollars worth of damage after the loss of Ezra’s life.

People being enraged after the tragic death of the 9-year-old recently signed a petition to remove the rapper from the Goldenvoice performer, and more than 40,000 people have signed it. In addition to that, the attorneys of the survivors of the concert filed altogether 90 lawsuits against the organizers of the concert, making a total of 140 lawsuits. 

As the performer and the lead artist whom the crowd has gathered to see, Scott, if needed, can even stop the show. Taking into account the enormity of the crowd that gathered in the Astrofest concert, the organizers could have prevented the tragedy if they had paid more attention to people’s safety. Even with the people asking for help and wanting to get out, the show continued for almost 40 more minutes.

Take for instance how he stopped the show when someone tried to steal his shoe.

Travis incited violence when an audience member tried to steal his shoe

Mr Samuel Peña, the chief of the Houston fire department spoke on how Scott could have stopped the show and saved more people.

At one point there was an ambulance that was trying to make its way through the crowd. The artist has command of that crowd. The artist, if he notices something that’s going on, can certainly pause that performance, turn on the lights and say: ‘Hey, we’re not going to continue until this thing is resolved.

Also, take a look at this video in which PewDiePie weighs in on how Travis was careless and reacts to his apology. The response coming from the YouTuber is somehow how most of the people feel right now but people are still divided on who was responsible.

Scott, who said he was devastated by the deaths, is a celebrated artist with a net worth of above $60 million. But with this recent turmoil he is in, the fame and money could all start to disappear all due to upcoming lawsuits and outlook from the audiences.

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