TU Hosts Application For Equivalence Online

There is major news for students who are studying for an abroad degree in Nepal and looking to get their equivalence certificate from TU.

Now, the students can directly apply for the equivalence, by registering through the TU Ciricullam Development Center website. The students need to complete the sign-in process to apply for the equivalence.

Through this blog, we take you to the step-wise procedures to successfully register yourself in the online portal and apply for the service. Click here to land on the signup page.

Step 1: Registration

Following the above-given link, students will be taken to the official TU Ciricullam Development Center website. Then students need to fill up a small registration form to create an account for themselves on the website.

Registration Form
Login Form

Step 2: Login Dashboard

After completion of the registration, you must verify your email, and then it will take you to the dashboard of the account you just registered.


Once the verification process is complete, you can apply for the equivalence through the button on the top left. However, before you apply be sure to update your profile, otherwise there might be some problems during the final processing.

Step 3: Application Format

When you complete your profile update press the apply for equivalence button to start the process. There you will have to fill up another online form which consists of information regarding your field o study, degree, university, etc.

Students must fill up all the details correctly. A sample of the form with example is given below:

Application Form Example
Application Form

Step 4: Documents (What Certificates Are Needed)

Along with the form submission, the students are required to submit a total of five documents in PDF format. Here is the list of certificates are needed to be submitted:

  1. University Certificate of Graduation
  2. University Transcript of Studies (consisting of the grades)
  3. Transfer/Character Certificate from College (Bachelors)
  4. +2 Transcript
  5. Provisional Certificate from NEB

Step 5: Payment

The payment can also be completed from either Khalti or Esewa. The total charge is Rs. 1000 and once the payment will be completed you can check the application status in your account dashboard. If there are any issues regarding the application, they will be displayed in the ‘Remarks’ section.

Similarly, once the process is completed you will be notified through email. Hope this was helpful from our side!

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