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Twitter Now Allows You to Protect Your Account with Just One Security Key 

No other form of two-factor authentication required. The security of your Twitter account becomes a lot easier as the social network announced that users now have the option. Use of a security key as the only form of two-factor authentication (2FA). While any form of 2FA can help protect your accounts online, physical security keys are the most effective method as security keys provide built-in protection to ensure that the information they hold can be saved even if used on a phishing site cannot be used to access your accounts. 

At the same time, security keys also transfer protection against phishing attempts from a human to a hardware device. You can even distinguish between legitimate and malicious websites while blocking phishing attempts that SMS verification codes couldn’t. 

Twitter Committed to Security

Twitter has been a vocal advocate of using 2FA to secure online accounts for some time. In 2018, for example, the social network added the option to use security keys as one of several 2FA options, although this initial support only worked on the company’s website and not on its mobile app, while another form of 2FA was also available for accounts was activated. 

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The following year, Twitter updated its security key support to use the latest WebAuth standard, allowing the use of 2FA without the need for a phone number. This was an important update as it allowed users to protect their accounts from SIM swapping attacks. 

Last year, in addition to the web, the company added support for security keys for both iOS and Android, and this year it added the ability to register multiple security keys for a Twitter account to keep users safe in the event of a backup. Copies of security can be obtained in emergencies. However, now Twitter users can use security keys as their only 2FA method without the need for a backup method.

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