What Travis Scott & Audiences Can Learn From This Emotional Concert Of Oasis

The tragic events concerning the Astrofest Concert on November 5, 2021, in Houston isn’t something that people are unaware of. A huge number of people attended the concert and within only 30 minutes from the start of the show, people were getting trampled and gasping for breath. The aftermath of the event was tragic, as 10 people lost their lives, including the 9-year-old Ezra Blount.

As a result of recklessness from the artist and the organizers, they now have 140 legal allegations, as Scott was running the show for 40 more minutes after people started dying, with many asking for help. This is contrasting to Oasis’ performance that held the true spirit of connecting to their fans through an event like a concert. 

To be specific, take a look at the concert that Oasis held on River Plate Argentina, where English isn’t even the people’s first language. Even then, the connection between the band and the audience is exhilarating, because as soon as the band sings “Don’t look back in anger”, it is as if the song resonated with the audience on many levels. The crowd started singing right from the first verse and a sense of warmth and togetherness was spread out throughout the arena.

An emotional performance from Noel while he almost cries due to the amazing audience of Argentina

On May 22, 2017, a suicide bomber detonated an explosion shortly after Ariana Grande’s performance for the event held at Manchester Arena, killing 22 people from the crowd leaving more than 116 people injured.

On a morning of the same month, the citizens of Manchester gathered to pay tribute to the lives lost on the tragic event, the choice of the song being the same- Don’t look back in anger. It was a comforting moment for the saddened families who lost their loved ones in the attack. A wave of heartfelt emotions resonated in the crowd through the song.

The song in itself became a symbol of peace rather than the eye for an eye approach during the moment of mourning all thanks to the verse that says ‘don’t look back in anger ‘.

It’s an honor for a songwriter when the song they wrote means more to people than they would’ve thought. Especially for Oasis, following the tragic events at the Manchester concert, the fact that people sang their song to grieve for those who passed meant a lot to Noel Gallagher especially who was left speechless upon coming across the moving clip.

It’s just the power of music, it’s the thing that brings people together.

Speaking on the matters that are relevant in these regards, several researchers have suggested that when a mass of people come together at a place and sing a song, there is a sense of belonging and closeness, especially when the crowd is larger. Music has that effect on people when they gather at a place, and every concert is an opportunity to bring them together.

People don’t usually gather and listen to a tune to feel echoing emotions at the same time, be it a passing harmony of a song or a resonating lyric. It would without a doubt be a spectacular sight to see if more artists were aware of this incredible phenomenon of bringing positivity and closeness to people in live concerts instead of making the experience distasteful for them. 

Travis’ Astroworld concert was an embodiment of extravaganza, an accumulation of ego where the gathering rather brought tragedies and misfortunes. The gathering in no sense had any feeling of togetherness but rather the echoes of vanity. 

In any large gatherings, there’s always an issue of security, and the artist, including the organizers, have to be constantly alert to prevent mishaps. In many cases, artists have taken their authority and felt the responsibility to stop the show to save the people who were harassed or being trampled.

The performer on the stage is the key person in a show, the ones whom people have gathered to see. Bearing that in mind, the safety of their fans must be of topmost concern, which some artists have well awareness of during their concerts.

For instance, take a look at this video where artists have stopped the show and drawn attention to the injured to make sure they’re ok. If Scott had taken similar measures in his concert, maybe some of the tragedies could have been prevented.

A click of Chester telling audiences pointing at a passed out person saying ‘Pick em up’ contrary to Travis Scott’s ‘fuck him up ‘

Conclusively, one thing that can’t be made light of is the security of all the people gathered in a concert, whether it be fans or artists themselves. An estimate of the amount of security required for any particular event can be made depending upon the number of people attending the show, the setting of the stage, and the overall map of the arena.

Security measures must be taken hand prior to the show so that people have enough time to escape without causing much trouble or colliding with each other. Safety is still a huge concern in concerts which is why it should be paid utmost attention regardless of how large the crowd is.

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