Why Oppo Find N is the best folding phone right now, here are four reasons

As a development trend in the mobile phone market in recent years, the folding screen mobile phone can be said to be in love with the novel experience it brings, and I also bought a folding screen mobile phone as the main phone.

But the strange thing is that whenever I recommend a folding-screen phone to a friend around me, I always hear the answer from the other side. After small-scale research, I found that people’s reluctance to buy a folding screen is mainly concentrated in four aspects: high weight, obvious creases, poor battery life, and lack of suitable uses for large screens.

It just so happened that I recently got the Find N, a new folding screen phone from OPPO. It claims to make the folding screen mobile phone “from early adopters to common use”. Can it solve these four concerns? Next, I will show you a good look.

1. Large enough to fit in the palm of the hand, and the creases are “gone”

When it comes to folding screen phones, what do you think of? Is it a side-folding model that is slender like a remote control after being folded? Or is it a vertical foldable model that is as small as a powder box after being folded?

In my opinion, these two forms are difficult to be considered perfect. Although the former can allow users to have a large-screen experience after expansion, its too slender ratio makes it difficult for users to obtain a qualified experience when using an external screen; then Although the mobile phone is small enough, there is nothing special about it, it is just an ordinary mobile phone that is folded.

Instead of choosing either of those two, Find N created a new size. The moment you see Find N, you can feel the difference between it and other folding screen phones. The 5.49-inch external screen is much smaller than other horizontal folding screen phones in terms of numbers, but the 18:9 screen ratio makes it not much smaller than other folding screen phones in actual size. At the same time, such a screen ratio also makes the mobile phone more like a normal mobile phone in visual and actual use, which greatly increases my frequency of use.

The 63mm screen width can be regarded as the sweet spot of the user experience. This width not only ensures the user experience of the input method , but also prevents me from making typos like other folding screen phones when typing on the external screen; it also does not feel supportive in actual use, and at the same time, it is matched with the front and rear hyperboloid body design. , the grip feels very good.

Choosing such a design is inseparable from OPPO’s attention to user experience. For folding screen mobile phones, although the large internal screen is the main selling point, the external screen also accounts for a large proportion in daily use. For external screens, if you want to make it more convenient for users to use, the normal ratio of 16:9 to 20:9 is acceptable. In addition, a common and relatively extreme scenario in the use of external screens is full keyboard input. OPPO has determined a suitable screen width of 63mm through repeated tests on the width of the keyboard. It is OPPO’s care for user needs that gives Find N a good external screen experience.

Of course, for folding screen mobile phones, the internal screen is the most concerned. When I opened the internal screen of Find N for the first time, my colleagues around me couldn’t help but sigh, “This phone really has no creases.”

Indeed, compared to the previous folding screen mobile phone that can only achieve the level of insignificant crease in the bright screen state, Find N can only see a slight unevenness in the middle of the screen even in the extreme case of direct light from the screen. , while the crease is barely visible when the screen is on.

Find N’s ability to have such an effect is closely related to OPPO’s continuous polishing of hinge hinge and screen stacking technology. OPPO Find N uses a teardrop-shaped hinge. This hinge design allows the screen to have a larger bending radius, thereby reducing the crease problem. However, compared with the mainstream U-shaped hinge, the drop-shaped hinge has a substantial increase in cost and the number of parts. At the same time, the greater number of parts also puts forward higher requirements for machining accuracy. The hinge part of OPPO Find N has more than 400 key size control standards, and the highest accuracy reaches 0.01mm.

After choosing to use the teardrop-shaped hinge, the Samsung screen originally designed for the U-shaped hinge also needs to be adjusted accordingly. After several iterations of the screen stacking scheme by the teams of OPPO and Samsung, the gradient water drop mesh scheme with shallower crease was selected on the basis of satisfying the screen durability. At the same time, the material and stacking scheme were continuously adjusted within the limited thickness. , Support mesh design, shaft fit and middle frame fit scheme, finally let Find N achieve the best bending performance under the condition of shallower crease.

In addition to these parts that are visible to the naked eye, Find N also performs very smoothly in the invisible feel. The author learned that in order to achieve such a smooth feel, OPPO carried out 16 iterations on the cam design of the rotating shaft, and at the same time cooperated with third-party research institutions, and spent three months on the opening and closing force curve of Find N in detail. After adjustment, the smooth opening and closing experience on the real machine is finally realized. At the same time, OPPO Find N adopts the design scheme of three sets of upper, middle and lower torque modules and 6 sets of cams, which improves the damping of the shaft and realizes the free hovering of the screen in the range of 50-120°, which greatly broadens the usage scenarios of the product.

On the basis of the complex and fine mechanical structure, OPPO has not forgotten the issue of durability. After several rounds of reliability optimization, Find N has finally become the only folding screen mobile phone that has passed the German Rheinland Folding worry-free certification. In the 1-meter drop test, it has reached the durability standard of the bar machine, and there is no need to worry about durability.

On the back cover, OPPO Find N adopts a 3D micro-surface design, which ensures the visual balance of the display screen and fits the palm more closely. At the same time, it continues the “fluid curve” design language of the Find series, reducing the visual protrusion and making the overall body more refined.

Overall, OPPO Find N has given a high score on the creases, durability and other issues that users are very concerned about, and the moderate size and smooth opening and closing feel also allow Find N to have other folding screen models. The excellent feel that has never been seen is impressive.

2. The perfect display for watching content

When I took out my folding screen mobile phone to show to my friends, I always had to face the question from my friends, “Is this big screen more enjoyable than watching videos and comics, what else is there to do?” Indeed, since you already have a large screen, it is undoubtedly a huge waste to bring more gameplay without software optimization.

OPPO naturally also took this into account. On Find N, OPPO specially customized ColorOS for Find N, which combined with the hardware features of Find N brought many interesting ways to play. Below I will pick a few interesting features to talk to you about.

One inch is bigger and one stronger, these big screens are cool

When it comes to large screens, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely video. Indeed, as the main purpose for consumers to buy a tablet, the video playback effect on the large screen is very important. In this regard, OPPO Find N has a good performance. Its 7.1-inch 120Hz high refresh screen is very satisfactory in terms of parameters and actual look and feel, and the paired bottom dual speakers make the audio-visual effect more shocking. For friends who like to post barrage while watching videos, the screen of Find N can also make the barrage not block the screen, so that both watching movies and chatting can be achieved.

In addition to video, Find N’s large screen can also provide a better entertainment experience for games. The larger screen brings a wider viewing angle and also presents more picture details. Compared with ordinary mobile phones, Find N can provide better results in terms of look and feel.

Making good use of every inch of space, these optimizations make the big screen experience better

OPPO Find N has excellent optimization for the use of large screens. Open the App on the external screen, and unfold the internal screen to continue using it seamlessly. The parallel window function necessary for folding screen mobile phones is just a trivial matter for Find N.

For the larger display area of ​​the large screen, ColorOS for Find N has greatly optimized the experience of split-screen and small-window functions. Just slide two fingers in the middle of the screen to quickly split the screen. This shortcut operation greatly increases the frequency of using the split screen function. For common split screen combinations, you can also choose to save them to the desktop, so that next time Quick turn on when in use.

If you just need to temporarily switch between apps, you can also choose the floating window function. On ColorOS for Find N, turning an app into an air window can be done with just four fingers. At the same time, you can also quickly call out the small window application through the smart sidebar. You don’t have to switch between apps repeatedly when you need to calculate temporarily.

In addition to these basic optimizations, ColorOS for Find N also provides two functions that I like very much, driving mode and one-click multi-search. The former allows users to use navigation, music and other functions more conveniently when driving through the large screen of Find N, which can ensure driving safety without having to endure difficult in-car navigation.

The latter is based on the original desktop search, supports the search of commodities, air tickets, hotels, and information, and uses the advantages of Find N’s large screen to simultaneously display search results on multiple platforms, helping users to achieve rapid price comparison across the entire network.

As the focus of competition among various manufacturers in recent years, Find N has provided users with a variety of new ways to take pictures with the help of its five-camera lens combination.

Tired of taking a selfie with your phone raised? Fold the phone 90 degrees to enter the hover selfie mode, and with the gesture shutter function, you can easily take beautiful selfies. Another advantage of this function is that you can freely adjust the camera angle to show your best self. The hover selfie feature allows you to be the brightest star in the audience when taking a group photo with friends.

OPPO Find N is also equipped with a rear selfie function so that selfies are no longer the patent of the front camera. Users can use the rear camera with higher imaging quality to complete selfies. The external screen of the mobile phone becomes a viewfinder, which can display the content of the photo screen, and you can see the current status at any time.

The awesome hoverable hinge where you can change the angle to make a different use

In addition to taking pictures, ColorOS for Find N also provides users with more hovering gameplay through software optimization.

During a QQ video call, the images of the two parties on the upper screen of the call interface are distributed “five to five” on the left and right, and the control buttons are displayed on the lower screen, so that you and the other party can see clearly; Some are turned into touchpads, which not only saves the bracket, but also can get a more refreshing viewing experience.

At the same time, there are more interesting optimizations such as hover fitness, hover music, hover meeting, etc. waiting for you to explore.

3. The zippy performance

With so many ways to play, performance naturally needs to keep up. However, as the flagship model of OPPO Find N, we do not need to worry in this regard. It is equipped with a Snapdragon 888 chip, with a combination of 8GB/12GB LPDDR5 and 256GB/512GB UFS 3.1 storage. Although this model does not use the latest Snapdragon 8 chip, the Snapdragon 888 can still provide flagship-level performance.

After the actual measurement, the AnTuTu test score of Find N reached 735384 points, and the 3D Mark Wild Life test score was 5901, which belonged to the mainstream performance of the Snapdragon 888 model.

In the actual game test, I chose the mainstream game “Peace Elite” to test Find N. The frame rate of the game is very stable throughout the game, with an average frame rate of 39.9 frames, which is excellent.

Another focus of users’ attention – image, OPPO Find N has not shrunk, using a set of 50-megapixel IMX766 main camera + 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 13-megapixel 2x telephoto lens three-shot combination.

In addition, OPPO Find N is also equipped with a 32-megapixel camera on the inner and outer screens. This combination also brings a lot of interesting new ways to shoot, but we still use the proofs to see the actual performance of the main camera.

As can be seen from the proofs, in a well-lit environment, the 50-megapixel main camera of OPPO Find N performs very well, with excellent picture resolution and high color saturation, which is very eye-catching. In low-light environments, Find N’s picture noise control is good, and the suppression of highlights is also excellent while retaining more picture details.

Overall, the performance of OPPO Find N is enough to meet most of the daily needs of users, and as a mobile phone, it can be ranked in the forefront.

4. Who said that the battery life is poor with a large screen?

For folding screen mobile phones, many friends will worry about battery life. After all, today with more and more functions of mobile phones, it is easy to consume power. On this basis, a large screen is added to a folding screen mobile phone, which is inevitably worrying.

In fact, such worries are unnecessary. Although the folding screen mobile phone has dual screens, in 99% of the actual use cases, only one screen is lit, and the actual battery life difference is almost only the power consumption difference between the two screens.

However, this brings another problem. The 5-hour battery life model we used before cannot fully reflect the power consumption difference caused by the internal and external screens. Based on the common operations of our daily use of folding screen mobile phones, I conducted a three-hour battery life test on OPPO Find N. The test items are to play the video of station B on the internal screen for 1 hour, swipe Weibo on the external screen for half an hour, play “Peace Elite” on the internal screen for half an hour, and swipe Douyin on the external screen for 1 hour. Before the test started, I charged the phone to 100%, the screen brightness was 50%, connected to Wi-Fi, and other settings were kept at default.

In addition, in order to more clearly reflect the power consumption difference between the internal and external screens of OPPO Find N, I chose the most common video playback scenarios for users to use mobile phones, and conducted a two-hour video playback special test on the internal and external screens. After the test, the internal screen playback consumes 14% of the power for two hours, and the external screen playback consumes 12% of the power for two hours. The power consumption difference is not obvious.

For such a small folding screen phone, it is very difficult to achieve such a result. And this is first thanks to the large 4500mAh battery that OPPO has stuffed into it. In addition, the internal screen of Find N supports LTPO technology, which can be flexibly switched between 1-120Hz, which not only allows users to obtain a smoother visual experience, but also intelligently reduces the screen refresh rate and reduces power consumption, reducing the impact of large screens on mobile phones. Endurance pressure.

We also tested the charging speed of the OPPO Find N. With the blessing of 33W VOOC flash charging, Find N can charge the phone from 0 to 64% in 30 minutes, and it only takes 65 minutes to fully charge.

In addition, Find N also supports 15W wireless charging and 10W wireless reverse charging, which can meet the various charging needs of users.

We are pleasantly surprised to see that OPPO has provided a good solution to the four major pain points of crease, weight, battery life and use by continuously advancing the development of its own folding screen technology, and its excellent comprehensive quality.

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