Here’s Why People Think Jeon Jong-soo Underwent Plastic Surgery

For Viewers who have seen Lee Chang-dong’s acclaimed and mysterious cinematic gem Burning, the name Jeon Jong-soo is a familiar name. She portrayed the role of quite a peculiar character named Shin Hae-mi filled with existential yearning. Also, her role in the 2019 movie The Cure further proved her to be a rising talent in Korea since she won in the Best Actress category at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards for her performance.

And with her inclusion series Money Heist Korea, based on the popular Spanish show La Casa De Papel,  she might be on the path to prove herself yet again. So, let’s dive into some interesting facts on this beautiful actress including the baseless rumors and how they originated in the first place. 

Jeon Jong-soo Hasn’t Undergone Plastic Surgery

It is well known that South Korea is considered the plastic surgery capital of the world and in fact, the nation tops the fifth largest when it comes to plastic surgeons. Due to the beauty ideals that have been set in the Korean culture for a long long time, plastic surgery has been the go-to to fix any “imperfections” as per the Korean culture. 

A look at South Korea’s plastic surgery market ( Source: YouTube )

Contrary to popular belief, Jeon Jong-soo has not had any surgeries done but it is no surprise that people wonder if the gorgeous actress went through plastic surgery. In the movie Burning, Jeon Jong-soo reveals at the start of the movie that she has had plastic surgery done when her friend Lee ( played by Yoo Ah-in ) fails to recognize her. So, there are chances that this scene might also have fuelled the curiosity as to whether she actually got plastic surgery in real life as well.

In Burning( 2018 ), Jong-soo becomes slim after undergoing plastic surgery ( Source: Netflix )

Another reason behind the rumor is that TV icons in the South-Korean industry like Lee Da Hae (My Girl), Park Han Byul, and Kim Nam Joo (Model), have proudly announced that they have gone through the procedure. So, it’s stereotypical to assume the actress underwent the same sort of procedure.

However, while plastic surgeries are done to enhance features in one’s body, some people live to regret going through it. “Unpretty Rapstar” Jessi once told in an interview that she regrets having gone through with plastic surgery.

So, due to the sheer fact that not all of these beauty enhancement procedures don’t turn up as expected, Jeon is just maybe not up to getting on such a trend. After all, she is perfect the way she is today, charming with that killer gaze.

Jong-soo Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend For Now

Well, of course, with the beauty and the grace that Jeon Jong-soo is blessed with, one would wonder who the “lucky one” is. However, as of today, the artist doesn’t yet have a boyfriend.

Wondering how we are so sure about it? Well, it was all revealed during the promotion of the movie, “The Call”, a thriller in which Jong-soo’s character talks to a girl from the future. When asked by the press what she would ask a girl from the future, she answered,

I want to ask who my husband is. I’m most curious as to who I will marry. If I could ask something else, I want to ask if there’s a change we couldn’t have imagined. A change like smartphones, which we couldn’t have imagined in the past. I’m curious to see what will have changed.

Despite her being single, Jeon Jong-soo’s recent roles in movies have love chemistry involved. In the movie Nothing Serious which is scheduled to release this November 2021, she plays the role of Ja Young, who finds herself in a contradictory position of not wanting to date, but also not wanting to be alone. Her character meets Woo Ri (Son Seok Gu) whose love life and work-life don’t seem to complement each other. The two’s love chemistry will surely be a joy to watch. 

Promotional poster for Nothing Serious ( Source: Twitter )

In another more anticipated role, she will be playing the role of Tokyo in the upcoming Korean adaptation of the series Money Heist. If the show sticks to the foundations of the original series, we are sure to see her character’s love rollercoaster with Park Jung-woo, who’ll be playing the role of Rio.

Does Jong-soo Speak English?

Most of our readers might not know, but Jong-soo spent a part of her childhood in Canada. In fact, she still travels time and again to the country to visit relatives that still stay there. She moved to Korea during high school and later pursued art studies in the Film Art College of Sejong University.

Since she graduated middle school in Canada itself, it is safe to assume that she, at the very least, understands and speaks basic English. However, it is clear she doesn’t speak much English publicly. During her press tours for the movies Burning and The Call, she didn’t speak English at all.

During press events and at Cannes Jong-soo spoke in Korean only alongside her co-star Yoo Ah-in ( Source: YouTube )

In fact, she had translators on the tour and felt much more comfortable responding in her native language.

She Has Already Made Her Hollywood Debut

Korean actors and actresses making their cameos in Hollywood movies is nowadays a frequent occurrence. Jeon Jong-soo has also already made her debut in Hollywood. She starred in the movie Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon, which is a fantasy thriller about a girl who has unusual superpowers. She shares that screen alongside other established Hollywood celebrities including Kate Hudson and Craig Robinson.

A shot from Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon, Jong-soo’s first role in a Hollywood project ( Source: Indiewire )

Jong-soo plays the role of a 22-year-old Korean-American, who’s been locked inside a psychiatric unit. She has the power of controlling people with simple body movements like a nod of the head or a flick of the wrist. The movie, however, received an average rating at the Venice Film Festival and hasn’t succeeded in creating hype. However, she still has more time in her hands to shine in the international market.

Jeon Jong-soo’s Official Instagram, Agency

Despite being a well-known actress, Jeon Jong-soo does not have any official social media account. But there are chances she will make one after the primer of Money Heist Korea due to pressure from the network for marketing the show.

For now, she is represented by My Company, which is a South Korea-based talent agency. Talking about her net worth, it hasn’t yet been disclosed officially.

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