Will We See Google Pixel 6 At The Google IO 2021?

Google Pixel 6 is one of the most awaited flagship, mobile phones from Google. And with Android 12 just around the corner, it is first in line to impress. While its siblings have done justice to its brand name up till now, Google Pixel 6 is poised to be different.

So here is the million buck question, Will Google release the Pixel 6 at the Google IO 2021? Let find out at the likeliness

What To Expect From Google IO 2021

With the cancellation of Google IO 2020 from the pandemic, Google has announced the event for May 18-20, 2021. However, the event will be online based on the situation worldwide.

So what can be expected from the event? Generally, in the past, we have seen Google reveal its new software, hardware, phones, flashy gadgets, and major upgrades on Android OS in the event. But this time, fans are eager to see the Android 12, Wear OS updates and insights on Google Pixel 6.

While it is early days for the Google Pixel 6, its 5a model is a possible candidate to overshadow the event. The good thing is, people, don’t have to book the show with an excess of $1000 to attend. They can register for free from Google’s event page.

Is Google Pixel 6 Worth The Hype?

Google Pixel phones are manufactured to showcase the newest version of everything that Android has to offer. So, when the Android 12 comes out, the Pixel 6 is likely to be the phone to do it justice.

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Unlike its predecessors, Pixel 6 is expected to hold up a custom chipset rather than the traditional Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Also, XDA Developers spotted out that, a Google engineer hinted out a comment on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) indicating Pixel 6 and ‘whitechapel’ (probably Google’s new processor).

It is not quite sure what Google will opt to do eventually, but news of Google’s custom silicon (GS101, Whitechapel) has been around for a while now. And if the Pixel 6 doesn’t get a custom silicon, then it’s a huge disappointment.

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