Xiaomi HyperCharge: A New Record Breaking Charging Technology

Mobile phones have now become an integral part of our daily life. From earlier days of keypad phones to foldable phones nowadays mobile phones have evolved massively.

Having said that, people now have access to the internet & phones and are using them excessively. In that case, people are always looking for a phone to go the extra mile.

That is where the battery technology on smartphones comes into play. For several years now, the conventional battery figures have remained the same on smartphones. So, smartphone makers are more inclined towards charging technology.

Xiaomi, in particular, has taken matters into their own hands and introduced record-breaking fast charging technology the Xiaomi HyperCharge. This new technology will shoot your phone to full in no time whatsoever. So let’s get into the details right away.

Xiaomi HyperCharge Overview

Xiaomi has been knocking on the door for changing the landscape of charging technology in a smartphone. Now, with the HyperCharge technology, it is set to break the internet on fire.

According to the demonstration video by Xiaomi, the HyperCharger supports fast charging on both wired and wireless at a rapid speed. The wired charging is quicker, but the phone is fully charged within minutes.

In the demo, the 200W wired charging takes the custom build Mi 11 into 100% in just under 8 minutes which is outrageous. Similarly, the 120W wireless charging takes the 4000mAh battery to 100% in 15 minutes.

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This is a technology and feet that have not been achieved right now in the smartphone charging area. So Xiaomi pulling this off is truly a sign of great things coming in the future as well.

Possible Release Date

Xiaomi is yet to confirm when it will make the technology available in the market and which versions of the phone can support it.

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