Yamaha E01 New Electric Scooter Ready For Production

Yamaha is back again with its outlandish concept on the new electric scooter the Yamaha E01. One of the major highlights of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha is going ‘Back to the Future style with the new scooter.

So, here is what we know about the upcoming electric scooter

Yamaha E01 Unveils Patent Drawings

At the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, what looked like a concept scooter from Yamaha has finally shown hints of production.

Earlier this year the company filed a trademark application for the ‘E01’ focusing on the production of electric motorcycles on the market. Now, the visuals from the rough patent reveal how the scooter will look under the skin.



The first thing to notice about the scooter itself is its maxi-scooter-like design and ergonomics. Similarly, the headlights and the loud frontal frame carry the Yamaha-type styling. Apart from that, the battery rests between the rider’s legs which will remove the flat floorboard look.

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The charging port will be situated above the headlight at the front for ease of use. However, what it is missing is a large compartment space for riders to store their stuff which is one of the major plus points in conventional scooters.



The patents also show the use of disc brakes at both ends with conventional front suspension. Yamaha E01 is also expected to come with all LED setups with a fully digital dashboard.

New Era Of Electric Scooters

Yamaha has made its intentions very clear with the E01 electric scooter. Previously, the company launched the EC-05 model in Taiwan with the aim to launch the scooter globally.

Now the E01 aims to possess the performance comparable to that of a conventional 125cc scooter. Also, it is expected to contain modern-day features like Bluetooth connectivity, ABS, swappable battery, and many more.

Keeping in mind the trend of electric bikes all over the world. We hope Yamaha will launch the scooter by the year 2022.

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