5 YouTube Channels From Nepal Everyone Needs To Subscribe To

When the surge of the internet first came to Nepal, it brought with it endless opportunities for content creators. People’s minds are always brimming with new ideas which finally found a medium for expression through YouTube.

Many creators have started making videos on a myriad of subject matters and managed to make the best use of it by providing considerably relevant and skillful content, whether it be videos related to art, education, podcasts, or any other thing. In this article, we present you with five YouTubers of Nepal who are making the most out of this resourceful platform.

Herne Katha

This short yet educative docuseries, produced by Tana Bana Digital, brings into the spotlight the stories of struggles and perseverance of the common people. The co-creators and journalists of the show, Bidhya Chapagain, and Kamal Kumar, have done an appreciable job of communicating these stories to us through the power of the camera, media, and visual storytelling.

Herne Katha is contextualizing the lives of people belonging to different communities and professions and their struggles. The documentary showcases broadening views on how much effort goes into their work, and how their contributions, despite being overlooked, contribute a great deal to society.

Likewise, when viewers dive into many episodes of Herna Katha, we realize the level at which we are alienated from the people around us surviving and living despite challenges and the Government’s blind eye towards them.

For instance, one of the episodes features the Gandharbas (Gaine) father and daughter duo, who together put into retrospect the adroitness and expertise that goes into playing the Lok music. Regrettably, the financial returns and admiration for their work, which has a huge role in the preservation of art and culture, is painfully understated. What’s great about Herne Katha is that it is bringing to us the voices of destressed lives that need to be heard. 

If you’re interested in watching the docuseries, Herne Katha releases new episodes every alternate Tuesday. Amid the surge in clickbait contents that are cheap and filled with sensationalism in Nepali YouTube, Herne Katha is a living example that there is always a good demand and audience for good stories and going ‘patyaunai nasakini khabar’ , ‘poila gayo’ cheap videos ( also called YouTube patrakar) isn’t always the route one needs to take.

The Deepesh Show

Ever since digital platforms like YouTube and Spotify rose to popularity, content makers have been thinking of several ways to let valuable information out to the public and seeking effective methods to share their knowledge. Amongst many ways to do so, one of them is podcasting. This trend of longer conversations was efficaciously adopted by Deepesh Shrestha, who previously had worked as a radio host, utilized his exceptional aptitude for speaking in his podcast.

With a radio-fitting voice already in his possession, the host adds to it his experience of working on the radio to fluently tell a story and engage his guests in fruitful conversations. Watching his podcasts, I came to realize that speaking, like music or painting, is no less than an art form and those who can do it well will make you hooked to it pretty quickly, and Deepesh has that magic.

The questions for his guests and the subject matters of his talks with them are light-hearted yet illuminating. Deepesh, in his podcast, manages to take account of not only the successes of his guests but also the failures that helped them get to where they are, which is a testament to his refined skill of speaking.

Besides podcasting, through his channel, he recently conducted the successful Guinness World Record attempt for the MoMo eating online event as a charity for NyanoPan, a non-profit organization based in Nepal and founded by the celebrated pilot Captain Vijay Lama for supporting and empowering the blind and the visually impaired and underprivileged people. 

The Deepesh Show is a podcast you might want to listen to whenever you’re driving, relaxing or want to listen to a wholesome talk, some part of which you will take away with you.

Yummy Food World

Teaching and learning is an essential part of youtube, so why not learn cooking? Yummy Food World is a YouTube channel that has seized the platform to teach people how to cook, and what’s even more impressive about the channel is that most of the ingredients she uses in her tutorials are generally available in the kitchen. 

So, you don’t have to refer to the cooking channels run by foreigners whose choice of ingredients might get you to even stop trying. However, if you want to expand your knowledge of culinary arts, she also takes the time to teach you recipes beyond home cooking. The YouTuber has gained immense popularity after people tried her recipes and loved them and now she has over 800 thousand subscribers on her channel. On top of everything else, her polite speaking presentation also plays a part in her audience wanting to revisit her channel. 

For Nepalese people all around the globe, Yummy Food World is the go-to channel for trying a new recipe. Also, she recently did a face reveal while looking for pumpkins by a  roadside in Germany.  

There are of course many other budding cooking channels from Nepal today and by the looks of it, it seems the future of our country’s culinary exposure is brighter than ever.


Ghumante has managed to spark within us the adventurous spirit that everybody shares by bringing the crew’s passion for traveling and discovering new destinations to our home screen. Featuring marvelous destinations like Mundhum trail, Ghangri circuit, and many more, the channel has been evergrowing with the current subscriber count being over hundred and eighty thousand.

The videos on this channel provide lots of perspective, depth, and information on the necessary skills required to travel to different destinations. Ghumante’s crafty presentation and mesmeric narration will strengthen your urge to pack your bags and set out for your next journey.

They present you with places you might not have set foot on, which is what you need to bag in new memories of the destination and its people forever with you. 

Instead of taking a rain check on your travel plans, browse through Ghumante’s elephantine repertoire of videos, choose a destination, and seize the day. 

Ashim Shakya

The last on our list is a multi-talented artist from Nepal who is almost like Banksy with very much cultural roots and inspiration embedded in his works.

His calligraphy skills are prevalent in the title of the Nepali movie Saadhe 7 and the deeply layered thematic digital paintings. Just take a look at his Facebook and Instagram to dive into his creations and see for yourself if you haven’t.

His YouTube is really underrated and it’s very understandable through it that he has lots of ideas dwelling on the mind. Interestingly, he has also developed some amazing games like Flight: The World and Urban Legends.


The latter one falls among favorites in our team because, to be honest, one could adapt the whole visual and concept from this game into a horror movie that’ll turn out to be really organic like the game itself.

There’s just too much to talk about on this underrated gem and a separate article will do justice to this talent from Kathmandu. So, for now, his self-titled YouTube channel is something you shouldn’t miss out on subscribing to.

P.S. Ashim is also a wonderful singer, just check out his cover of Sound Of Silence and find out for yourself.

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