YouTuber Ixi Music Is A Brilliant Musician And Her Channel Is Really Underrated

Digital platforms like YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud have brought with them plenty of opportunities to make one’s voice heard, whether it be through podcasts, vlogs, streaming or releasing music. Speaking specifically of YouTube, the platform’s longer video format comes in handy for teaching and sharing new ideas, and Ixi is making the most out of it through her long musical analysis videos and appealing to many music enthusiasts around the globe.

On the strength of her knowledge and expertise in music, the YouTuber has used the platform for shedding interesting perspectives when it comes to coming up with a song. By creating breakdown videos of different types of songs, the musician is sharing her insights so that people can learn new ways of comprehension from her resourceful content.

The World Of Ixi Music

What’s amazing about Ixi’s analysis of songs is that she breaks them down into smaller components that make up the whole song and look at them individually. For instance, a particular song might have many interesting things going on at the same time. What Ixi does is analyze each instrument contributing to the entire groove of the song, may it be a swinging bassline, mellifluous choice of notes while composing a vocal phrase, enchanting chord progressions in the rhythm section, or even single lines or scales that blend in beautifully in the song’s climax.

This in-depth analysis of both lyrics and sounds of the classic NIN track Closer by Ixi is plain awesome ( Source: YouTube )

Through the Aid of Ixi’s informative videos, this thoughtful way of looking at what goes into making a song the way it is can be facilitated into the viewer’s approach to composing, and come out as a more matured and refined songwriter or artist.

In the general run of things, a composer might come up with a perfect melody or chord progressions. Having said that, the question of where to drive those great ideas can be a challenging one to answer. Therefore, the art of arranging a great-sounding melody to turn it into an even more brilliant song is a handy one for those who are trying to make a living in music.

The arranging part can be focused upon from this in-depth approach with regards to instrumentation in a song so that it stands the test of time. If we look at the classics that we still love, those songs were not only masterfully composed but also dexterously arranged. This is why the kind of content that Ixi puts up on her channel is invaluable.

A fans response to Ixi Music’s work ( Source: Twitter )

The content creator recently celebrated completing 1 year of her YouTube channel. Impressively, within just a year, the piano player managed to gain over 20,000 subscribers on the platform. She started her journey with an analysis video of Nine Inch Nail’s song The Frail. Nine-inch nails’ song breakdowns have been a huge part of her video content. 

Now that you already know what her channel is all about, let’s take a look at how the YouTuber is supporting her channel.

Earning Sources, Patreon

Ixi is bagging in monetary benefits to help her support her YouTube channel through Patreon, a subscription-based business tool for creators. Since teaching is quintessential of what she does, the musician offers different teaching services for varying costs on the portal which include music theory, ear training program, and piano tutorials.

You can support Ixi’s work by paying as low as $5 ( Source: Patreon )

The musician also has a Bandcamp account where she recently released a track called Siberia. The track is what kickstarted her musical journey at the age of 17. After having years spent learning to play acoustic instruments including the piano and comprehend the music of her influences, she finally released the track.

The musician was also quite overwhelmed by recording and mixing, which is an arduous process in itself. Thanks to overcoming her doubts, the artist finally released the track on Bandcamp.

It’s called Siberia simply because as I started to write, I envisioned a brutal but beautiful sparkling icy landscape. But underneath that, this song is really an expression of my emotions in their abstract form. I hope it pulls you along.

Aside from Patreon, the YouTuber accepts donations from another similar site called Buy me a coffee to accept support through membership from her fans.

Ixi’s Real Name, Family & Career Journey

Looking into Ixi’s qualifications, the Austin, Texas-based YouTuber has a Bachelor of Arts in music composition and theory. She also received the prestigious Elliot D. Borishansky award for being the most outstanding senior composer in the music department. On top of that, the musician received a 4-year scholarship for her academic performance in high school.

In addition to music, Ixi ( whose real name is Ixi Kirkilis ) has also got a photography website and appears to provide photography services for weddings and other events.  She also has uploaded a few tracks on Mixcloud, a music streaming service particularly catered to DJs.

The musician seems to be very much influenced by her mother, who was a great self-taught pianist in her own right. She recently released an album on Spotify and Bandcamp which contains her mother’s piano solos on the occasion of her 69th birthday.

Ixi’s mother is a musician as well ( Source: Instagram )

She’s a self-taught pianist and a songwriter, and it’s no surprise my musical ear is so much like hers. So if you enjoy my piano interpretations, you might really like her beautiful piano solos album that I just released on Spotify and Bandcamp for her 69th birthday this weekend! It’s called “Legacy” by Reppy.”

To sum this up, ranging from arpeggios to vocal performance, voicings, melody phrases, and usage of scales and various harmonies and chord progressions, Ixi’s YouTube channel gives an insight into everything, something that especially fans of Nine Inch Nails wouldn’t want to miss out on.

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